What to Do When Your Kids Ask Awkward Questions

We reckon you've been there. Sipping your coffee, stalking people on Facebook and Instagram, munching on snacks, and Boom! You get the question bomb: "Mommyyyyyy - how did I get into your tummy?" Big innocent eyes. You are gripped with panic. … [Read More...]


Is Your Teen Buying E-Cigarettes Online?

As the popularity of e-cigarettes grows in the United States, their use among teenagers is also increasing. While e-cigarettes are useful for adults as a smoking cessation aid, there are plenty of reasons to worry about whether or not your teenager … [Read More...]


Benefits of Staying Healthy While Pregnant

Staying healthy and fit while pregnant seems to be a taboo topic these days. A lot of moms either get slack for exercising too much while pregnant, or for not staying healthy enough. I am currently 24 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy. I also … [Read More...]


How One Mom Defines True Love

Am I the only one who wonders if Beaver’s parents wanted to kill each other? Or If Ozzy and Harriet needed marriage counseling? And I’m pretty sure I saw Carol Brady throw something at Mike Brady once. Marriage can be a stinker. It was hard … [Read More...]