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My Child Won’t Share! What Now?

8 Tips Towards Teaching Your Toddler to Share How many times have you heard these words from the mouth of your toddler: "No!" "Mine!" "Gimme!" Sharing does not come easily for young children, and that is okay. It is actually a normal part of the … [Read More...]


10 Comments My Tween Said To Me This Week

1. “Mom, I have a mustache so that means I’m a grown man.” First, he doesn’t have a mustache- its peach fuzz and he keeps shaving it in hopes it grows back darker. I just roll my eyes when he says this. 2. “Mom, you can’t be my friend on … [Read More...]

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Top 10 Step-Parenting Blogs of 2014

Being a step-parent can be challenging in many ways. There are issues where blended families may need to be accepted, decision making might be difficult, all while having to raise children. Here are … [Read More...]

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