Benefits of Staying Healthy While Pregnant

Staying healthy and fit while pregnant seems to be a taboo topic these days. A lot of moms either get slack for exercising too much while pregnant, or for not staying healthy enough. I am currently 24 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy. I also … [Read More...]


How One Mom Defines True Love

Am I the only one who wonders if Beaver’s parents wanted to kill each other? Or If Ozzy and Harriet needed marriage counseling? And I’m pretty sure I saw Carol Brady throw something at Mike Brady once. Marriage can be a stinker. It was hard … [Read More...]


How to Avoid the Homework Hassle

Seven Simple Steps for Helping Your Kids Develop A Regular Homework Routine School has pretty much started across the country and now our focus as parents goes from the hustle and bustle of the Back to School Craze to Common School Day Worries such … [Read More...]


Saying “No!” to Mom Guilt

If you’re a mom, you’re no stranger to mom guilt. Mom guilt: that little voice in your head that causes you to second-guess your parenting (and pretty much everything else). Mom guilt makes us ask questions like: … [Read More...]


Top Tips to Get Your Teenager Ready to Drive

Long before a teenager reaches legal driving age they're dreaming of being behind the wheel. Depending upon your child, you may be dreading the prospects of having a driving teenager. Here are the top tips to get your teenager ready to drive and not … [Read More...]