10 Inspiring Homeschooling Blogs

It’s one thing to be a stay-at-home parent, but having the added responsibility of educating them has its own challenges.  Here are 10 homeschooling parents we found to have what it takes to be on our Top 10 Homeschooling Blogs list for 2014! Each possess 2 of the best qualities an educator can have – passion and creativity.

1) A Dad First

Scott-Profile2Who says moms are the only ones who can do it all? This dad takes care of 4! From potty training, to cooking, cleaning, working from home, and of course educating … this dad is a multi-tasking, hard-working superman!

Blogging is one of Scott’s great outlets into sanity. In it he talks about a range of topics from social media, food, homeschooling, family, faith, and other great topics. His life is far from mundane, but you can check it out for yourself or take a gander at some of the best posts we found on his

Here are some of our favorites:

Why Schools Fail: An Illustration
One Side Benefit of Homeschooling
Oscar Wilde on Homeschooling…

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2) Earth Mama’s World

Angela-ProfileAngela from Earth Mama will chronicle most things that go on in her house. She went to school as a teacher and had no idea she would one day be a homeschooling mom. She is a mom of 3 and step mom of 2. She also loves to live naturally and shares her experiences with homeopathic remedies. If you’re interested in some great posts about living naturally, you will definitely find some on her blog.

Check out 3 posts we found most interesting on Earth Mama’s World:

The Evolution of Our Homeschool Journey
Homeschool Mama Freakout!
Learning ABC’s (& More) Through Clothespins

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3) Homeschooling in Nova Scotia

Nova-ScotiaThere are many helpful tips online for parents who homeschool their kids. Kimberly is a mom of 2 who helps the homeschooling community by providing her own honest reviews and tools for those who need homeschooling ideas and help. She is also very helpful and responsive when it comes to education and can easily be reached on her blog.

Here are 3 examples of helpful posts she’s written:

Educational Board Games for Your Homeschool
Nail Art Fun for Your Homeschooler
Flexibility and Creativity Within a Classical Education

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4) Teachers of Good Things

Teachers-of-GoodWith more than 30 years of experience in homeschooling and graduating her own children, she implements the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling. She has a consulting service for those who want to know more about this way of teaching.

You might gain some inspiration from posts we found to be really interesting:

What I Learned When I Lost My Son at Sea World
7 Tips to Teach Observation
Why Field Trips Are Important

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5) Mama to 5 Blessings

Nicole from Mama to 5 Blessings can make her job look so much fun and easy! She has 5 small children who she cares for, educates, AND still has time to tell us all about it! Her journey through the fun of motherhood along with the wonderful new discoveries she makes every day are just some the nice parenthood feel we get around her blog. She has a range of topics she covers, such as parenting, frugal living, recipes, and much more!

Here are 3 helpful categories you might want to explore on her blog:

Homeschool Curriculum
Educational Products
Workbox System

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6) Homeschool Ways

Adriana is an author, columnist, and mother of 2 children. She has an eclectic teaching approach which has an emphasis on the classical-Charlotte Mason-Moore Formula. She chronicles her family’s homeschool journey on her blog along with the many useful tips and tools available to help other homeschoolers through their own journey.

Do check out these posts and let us know what you think:

When Homeschooling Makes You Cry
5 Days of Homeschool Essentials, Day 5 – Craft Materials
My Husband Does Not Want Me to Homeschool

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7) Confessions of a Homeschooler

Erica is a Christian, a wife, a mom, and a homeschooler. She authors the homeschooling website, Confessions of a Homeschooler, where she offers tons of free printables, resources, ideas, and homeschool curriculum. She likes to spend time with her family, and dabbles in graphic design in her *free* time. Feel free to drop by her site for a visit anytime!

Here are a few places on her blog that could be very useful for homeschoolers:

Sight Words
Preschool Printables
Some helpful homeschool materials

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8) an ordinary mom

Alison might describe herself as an ordinary mom, but as soon as you hop onto her blog, you’ll immediately know she is actually quite extraordinary. She has 9 kids, is a homeschooling mom, with a child who had been diagnosed with Medulloblastoma- a Grade IV malignant brain tumor, a Central Nervous System cancer. So yes, she has been challenged and blessed with a lot in her life. Her stories and journey, not just through homeschooling, is such an inspiration. With the help of her husband and her faith in God, she is able to conquer most any challenge thrown in front of her.

Here are a few places on her blog that could be very useful for homeschoolers:

Teaching Phonics at Home
12 Reasons To Homeschool
Slower Learning, Ups and Downs

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9) 1 + 1 + 1 = 1

Carisa, mom of 3 and wife to a loving, Christian man for over 13 years, loves to share the many blessings in her life. She is, of course, a homeschooling mom who loves her job and wouldn’t trade it for the world. She initially struggled with the idea, but now shares her journey with 3 different school levels to teach at a time.

Carisa’s blog is very easy to navigate as she shares information in categories about tots, preschool, kindergarten, and the various materials for ages her children grow into. It was very difficult for us to choose just 3 posts to showcase, but here are some of our favorites:

My Homeschool Class
Curriculum Choices 2013-2014
Theme Collection Printables

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10) Homeschool Creations

Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations, is mom to 4 children and has been busy homeschooling since 2007. At Homeschool Creations, she strives to provide families with free educational printables, resources for the homeschool journey, and lots of encouragement along the way.

a go-to resource for homeschool help and guides
Homeschool Printables
Chore System & Chore Charts for Kids

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So … tell us how much these parents have inspired you!

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  1. Lori G. says

    One of my favorites not on your list is “thefrugalgreenishmama.com”
    A mother of 3 from Arkansas who shares all about homeschooling her kids, simple living, crafts and being a new mom again.
    I homeschooled my son many years ago and give ALL parents who take this big step, a giant cyber hug for doing a wonderful job!

  2. says

    Great list! and I am happy to have stopped by as I am seriously considering homeschooling my son in a year or two.

    Bravo especially to the Dad on top. May he inspire more fathers!!

  3. says

    Kudos to all of them. I tried homeschooling and it was just not for me (I am not a very patient person). I have read a few of these blogs before. Glad to find new ones that will help me help my son (with school work, homework, etc).

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