6 Kids with Parents Who Rock at the Parenting Thing

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Parenting taxes the strongest individuals and is certainly not for the faint of heart. Although it has been described as one of the most beautiful gifts in the world, parenting drains adults with difficult choices, emotionally trying situations and downright exhausting decisions. Sometimes, you need to laugh so that you don’t cry and to keep your sense of humor.

The following examples of brilliant parenting moves are guaranteed to make you smile, at least for a minute or two. From incessant whining and complaining to breaking the rules, parents will relate to the following stories:

  1. Tooth Fairy Refuses to Enter A Messy Bedroom
  2. This “tooth fairy” left a note under a young girl’s pillow, explaining that she was not able to retrieve the lost tooth and leave money due to the messy condition of her bedroom. She explained that she would have to come back on another night after the room was cleaned up.

  3. Wifi Password
  4. Frustrated with her teenage son playing electronics all day long, one mom decided to change the wifi password every day in their home. She made up a sign, explaining that she would only give him the new password after his chores were completed. Want today’s wifi password? Walk the dog, unload the dishwasher and take out the trash first.

    (Image credit via iHeart RADIO)

  5. Crime Fighters
  6. Not only did this father allow his toddler son to wear his costume while out running errands, he dressed up as play along and keep him company. This dad is cooler than yours.

    father and son wearing costume while shopping

  7. Dad Wears Daughter’s Shorts
  8. Appalled by the microscopic shorts his daughter liked to wear, this dad wore equally short shorts while out in public with his daughter. His daughter was mortified, and the father made his point.

  9. Missed Curfew
  10. After constantly missing curfew, one teen arrived home to a locked house and a note. The directions explained that he would need to sleep on the back porch for the night. This mom and dad did find it in their hearts to leave a pillow and blanket outside. Cover up, little buttercup!

  11. Sibling Rivalry
  12. If you’re frustrated with children who constantly argue and can’t seem to get along with each other, check out this mom’s creative solution. She purchased a large shirt and made her son and daughter wear it at the same time, trapping them tightly against each other. Emblazoned with the words “our get along shirt,” both children are hysterically crying in the picture

While these brilliant and funny parents deserve a high five for creativity, make sure to take note of the underlying life lessons they endeavored to teach their children. They clearly understand that teaching their kids respect and the value of hard work will help them succeed in the future. However, they used a sense of humor in the process. They learned that sometimes a good sense of humor and lots of laughter is the only thing that will keep them sane.
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