setting limits on your child

The Importance of Having a Backbone and Setting Limits as a Parent

Kids need limits. Every bit of philosophy and child development studies point to this very simple fact. Without limits, without boundaries, children are unable to feel secure.

A child without rules acts out randomly, just to see what will happen. They take unnecessary risks, or may refuse to take any at all. The entire focus of their behavior is simply to see what they can get away with – to understand the rules of those around them. (more…)

summer learning activities

Summer Fun Learning Activities

Summer is so much fun, but order still has to take place in our homes and our kids’ lives. Here are some great activities to keep the education level going, while having some fun!

natural health tips for parents

Natural Health Tips for Parents

Navigating the world of healthcare can be difficult and trying to figure out if alternative therapies will work is a whole other issue. These tips will help start you and your family on the path to...