Family Life

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Countriified Hicks

A blog about simple life in the country.

Daily Woman Blog

Find Reviews, Giveaways, Information about homeschooling, autism awareness, family life, and other information.

Domesticated Combat Boots

My life as a (former) active duty Marine turned stay at home mom and wife.

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Parenting our daughter in an overprotective way.

Home Maid Simple

Turning your house into a home

Just Me Regina

Just Me Regina is family friendly website that provides information on saving money through living frugal, cooking at home (baking and crock pot cooking) and canning, traveling through the Great Lakes region, DIY projects home renovations

More at Forty (Five)

You don’t have to be forty to live more, but I’d like to think it helps. This blog is my attempt to share that with others.

The Mommy Mix

The Mommy Mix is just as the title states; a mixture of all things related to being a mommy -fears, dreams, recipes, tips and reflections on products my family loves.

Tiaras & Tantrums

I am a home educating mom to three! I adore my kids and am obsessed with traveling the globe! Photography is a great love of mine. I blog about life, photography, travel, food and education and just about anything else I feel like chatting about.

Uplifting Families

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Parenting, Reviews and More