Bathing Suit Moms Flaunt It!

Summer can be the most fun for our kids. Moms often have no choice, but to go along with the programs even if it involves, flaunting some embarrassing skin!

BathingSuitMomsThis Friday was my first whiff of Summer’s bikini madness as I took my son to the kiddie beach close by.  What, might you ask is a kiddie beach? It’s a small beach area, where the waves don’t really come in as they normally would. It is shallow enough that a toddler can be left alone going in and out of it, without you worrying if he’ll drown. Unless, of course he fell flat on his face and couldn’t get up.

So this little area was filled with kids and moms (yes, a lot of moms), who I assume were mostly stay-at-home moms, because there really weren’t too many dads around on a weekday. And you might not believe it, but as I looked around, I noticed many of these moms had the same body types – thin, lean, and hot.  There were even a few pregnant moms who looked like they were about to pop at any second, but had no sign of stretch marks or excess weight gain, like many expecting mothers would have. I felt like I was in a different planet!  But of course that’s Southern Orange County for you!

I really couldn’t get over the amount of moms who looked so fantastic in their bathing suits. I actually felt a bit embarrassed as I walked around in my shorts, knowing I could not just sport my flabby belly around. Of course, that was my problem.

Since Friday, I felt a boost of motivation to lose weight, which is quite funny, because it usually doesn’t last more than a few hours. It’s now Sunday and since then, I have gone on my citrus diet. Are you familiar with that at all? It’s 10 days of a citrus drink all day every day. No, you can’t eat anything else.  Its ingredients are maple syrup (otherwise it would just be horribly sour), cayenne pepper (I think this is what’s giving me energy), lemons, and water.

It is only the 2nd day and I feel absolutely starved! I would LOVE a big fat, juicy, melt-in your mouth cheeseburger, but I think if I’ve already suffered 2 days, then I could probably do a few more days. Plus, in those 2 days, I think I’d already lost 5 pounds! My stomach is already starting to look flatter and I’m starting to feel a bit more confident. Bikini body, here I come!

I believe we can all get into that bikini or at least get to the point of feeling great about being in a bathing suit. I know it’s not just about doing it for yourself, even though that’s what everyone else will tell you. A motivating factor needs to come alive inside of you to get you started and to keep you going.

This is a testament of my notes on my second day of weight loss. I’ll tell you what happens next week!


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    Good luck on your weight loss journey! I always feel a bit subconscious when I got to the beach or public pools – perhaps that’s why I’ve been doing a lot of swimming in our pool (in our backyard) this year. :)

  2. says

    My son and I went to Mexico two weeks ago and visited a waterpark. I like Mexican waterparks better than any water place in the US. We saw a grand total of ONE bikini — and it was on a teenager. Every mom there was dressed for mom duty — cute suits, but modest and able to contain things when bending over in the kiddie pool.

    Apparently, I will not be swimming soon in OC. 😉

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    Even after having lost 60 lbs I would not go out in public in a swim suit any more!! At my age those 60 lbs translated to lots of flabby, saggy skin. And it must be where you live–most Mom’s around here that I see wearing a bathing suit are definitely not lean and mean!! They look fine–just not like that picture up there!!

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    i rock bikinis too :) you look amazing! i wish we had a kiddie beach here, but luckily my smallest is happy in the sand, and my biggest is content ankle deep if his dad isnt with us!

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