Shakin it Up Mama Style

Homeschooling mom, who loves to learn. She’s perfect for the job! She thinks she can’t finish anything she starts but she started homeschooling her kids and continuing it!

Ann About Town

This mom has 2 blogs, but here she shares a lot of her own life and personal interests. Come check it out! She’s got a lot going on but still manages to live a beautiful life!

Organized Island

This mom blogger has 2 grown children and is now enjoy other great things in life. Her blog tells us all about her passions and all the fun things she does in her spare time!

Pursuit of Peace

She’s a single mom who sometimes suffers from depression, but through it all, she does her best for her little one. See how she copes with it all!

Mommy’s Juice

A working mom of two boys who is thankful for every day and every wonderful thing in her life, including the man she loves.

Sporty Momme

Her blog will make you want to get in shape! She runs, works out, and much more. Of course she’s got other talents too but you’ll have to find that out when you stop over at her blog!

The TT Diaries

Mom of 4 posts about the joys and surprises of motherhood. Oh joy! Check out her posts! Can you relate?