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Giveaway Blogs are so much fun! Who doesn't like to win or get stuff for free? These blogs, offered by parents who blog, have some of the most unique items to giveaway. Come check them out and try your luck!

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A Helicopter Mom


“Much of my love for writing A Helicopter Mom comes from the experiences and fun that I have with my children because of it. I want my blog to be an addition to my family life, not something that takes away from it. Because of that, I write A Helicopter Mom during my toddler’s nap and while the girls are in elementary school and after everyone else (husband included) has fallen asleep for the night. What started as a small hobby has turned into a website, a business and a project that I really love!” ~ Mickey Coutts [Read more...]

A Sensible Momma


“Whenever possible (which is most of the time), I try to deal with products that are for my children. This helps me spend time with the kids while also “working” on doing a review for the blog. My two children really are my biggest inspiration so if I have an idea while I’m busy with them, I make sure to write it down or text it to myself so I can come back later. Most of my work gets done late at night, usually when they’re asleep or napping! What I probably love most about being a parent blogger is that I try to take as many photos of my kids as possible, whether with new products or just because. While most of the time I’m highly unsuccessful with that (my kids don’t stay still!), I have so many memories preserved.” ~ Anna [Read more...]

Bella Savvy


“There’s no doubt that my family comes first above everything else but ever since I can remember my mom always told me that I should become a writer, maybe writing greeting cards or something because she loved the way I put my feelings into words on paper. That’s one main reason I became a blogger, aside from having the desire to share my experiences with new products and life itself. The giveaways became a little something extra that I truly enjoy because I love seeing people win. I love sending out emails to my winners and knowing that I’ve put a smile on their face and brightened their day– even if it’s just by a little bit. Sure I would love to be the winner of some of the giveaways I’ve hosted but giving gives me great joy. It’s a bittersweet moment!” ~ Dee Mauser [Read more...]

Mommy May We?


“I just had to realize I wasn’t Super Woman or Super Mom and to give my family what they need, I have to work. I make time in the evenings and I take the weekends off to spend that time with my family and since they support me, they understand that while Mom is home, she is unavailable just as she would be in a 9-5 job.” ~ Amanda Lyn [Read more...]

Down South Savings


“Balancing being a blogger and a being a parent can be tricky but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Blogging gives me the opportunity to stay at home with my kids and be there for them when they need it. It’s also very satisfying to know that I am contributing to my family both financially and materially and at the same time helping other moms out there like me acquire some great products and much-needed reviews.” ~ April Wray [Read more...]

Mommy’s Memorandum


“As the mom to many, six to be exact, I find balancing to be a combination of doing a review of a product that works well in our lifestyle and sharing it as a giveaway to help another family. My children are my Word of Mouth experts. We live life to its fullest and look for creative ways to be ourselves. We seek to be ordinary. I think the balance is that we are just like everyone else. We work hard, play harder and live life to capacity. My giveaways are stories about us–a giveaway for sparkling juices becomes a reason to make Shark Attack punch; a giveaway for a microwave, a story about my first microwave as a child and that Thanksgiving when the turkey was grey and Mom was proud. It’s little moments making big memories.” ~ Julee Morrison [Read more...]

Living as We


“With a toddler it’s tough sometimes, but usually I put in my work time while she’s napping, or preoccupied playing on her own. Managing my health issues means getting sufficient rest, so late nights aren’t much of an option…unless you consider 11 late ;)” - Sarah Perry [Read more...]

Search With Vonni


“The balancing act as parent and giveaway blogger was a challenge at first. Now I write my reviews or set up giveaways after the kids are asleep at night. I love being a giveaway blogger for the readers/followers but my family does take first priority.” ~ Vonnie Bailey [Read more...]

Queen of Savings


“I love sharing savings and new products. As a mom of four I often looked to reviews on products that other people had tried. I enjoy sharing my own opinion on products with others and always try to get a product to giveaway so my readers can see for themselves how good a certain product is.

When I had my first child I was young and my husband and I had to make every penny count. And although those days were a long time ago they're always present in my mind whenever I spend. I try to find the best deals and best products out there and share the great savings with everyone.” ~ Justine Caraway [Read more...]

Confessions of a Frugal Mind


“Personally I love entering giveaways and I know there are many others out there like me.  On Confessions of a Frugal Mind I love to share a wide variety of giveaways with my readers.  I’ll often have giveaways for great products, yummy food, entertainment, clothing, children’s items and more.  I try to ensure there is always a giveaway running on my site so whenever you stop by there will be one to enter.  Although I do participate in some larger group giveaways to share some bigger prizes with my readers the majority of my giveaways are solely run on my site so my readers have increased chances at winning.  I use rafflecopter to make entering my giveaways simple with usually only one mandatory entry so that entering my giveaways isn’t a daunting task.  I hope that my readers enjoy my giveaways and return to enter more. I also thank the sponsors I’ve worked with for enabling me to share fun prizes with my readers.  I hope that there are many more to come.” ~ Julia Simpson [Read more...]

Mommy and Baby Reviews


“Stay at home mom of four making sure the kids are laughing and learning. Instead of balancing the kids and the blog, I have included the kids in the blog. They love reviewing new products, trying new foods and of course Science experiments! Taking the time out to let the kids be kids and experience valuable lessons.” ~ Kathleen Hickey [Read more...]

Giveaway Bandit


I can honestly say that it is extremely hard to balance parenthood and a giveaway blog. Not only do I run the Giveaway Bandit but I also have two other blogs. I also am a web designer/developer and work with my Dad’s insurance agency. I also live on a large farm where we raise cattle, horses, crops and put up a lot of hay.

The great thing about the Giveaway Bandit is that it includes my son. We have a lot of fun doing the videos and reviews. It also gives him a way to learn valuable business and work ethic skills at a young age.

I try to take sections of the day to do specific things. It is much easier during the school year when my son is in school. During the summer months he likes to be right with me the whole time while I’m working. I definitely have learned to devote my evenings to my son and husband but we’re usually working outside all evening anyways.

My suggestion would be that we make the days longer… ~ Melanie Kampman [Read more...]

Just Say I Told You So!


“I only blog about products that I really enjoy. But more importantly I love sharing the love with my readers, which is why giveaways are my favorite posts to write! And if a particular reader wins more than once… well that’s icing on the cake! Gifting someone with something is really a gift for the giver – giveaways allow me to give gifts all the time!” ~ Stacey Donaldson [Read more...]

Frugal Mom and Wife


“With lots of patience! My daughter has autism making my days/nights spontaneous. I blog to share my loves and interests, while being in control at the same time. My website comes second to my daughter so if her world is upside down, mine is too. Balancing isn’t always easy but I do my best to make sure I get the job done!” ~ Erin Paine [Read more...]



 “I don’t. There are nights I sit and watch my son sleep, I will cry while he is sleeping and try to remind myself everything I am doing is for him and I just hope he doesn’t hate me in the end. My son is 5 but i continue to explain why I am doing this so he can have a full understanding sooner rather then later.” ~ Amanda Kee [Read more...]

Terri’s Little Haven


“Balancing parenthood is fairly simple for me.  My family comes first and when their needs and wants are met, I can relax and take my time setting up giveaways or writing up product reviews.  When the kids are out of school, I usually wait until bedtime to find my quiet time on the computer.  They enjoy helping me take photos of each of the items I receive to review and I do let them help  me with that.  It’s such a small thing and it does give them pleasure.” ~ Terri Ramsey Beavers [Read more...]

Bullock’s Buzz


Bullock’s Buzz is a family-friendly blog with a bright, cheerful design that is full of interesting and meaningful information on new and reliable products, delicious recipes, fun crafts and tons of great giveaways!  Updated daily, I try to make my posts as informative as possible while keeping the reading light and entertaining. I enjoy working with a wide variety of brands to bring their top products to my blog to share with you, the reader.  The best part is when I can give my readers the chance to win these awesome products, which I try to do as often as possible. ~ Alaina Bullock [Read more...]

The Adventures of My Family of 8


“Oh my goodness, it is never easy. Number one – my kids now understand that before playing with or putting on any items, they must pose for photos. Number two – Nap time is work-time, when the kids go down, Mommy works. Number three – I have to remind myself to put down my phone when at soccer games and swim meets and just enjoy time with my kids. I know it sounds harsh, but my Sponsors will have to wait; my kids will only be kids for so long!” ~ Shauna Torres [Read more...]

Sweep Tight


“This is possible?  It is a learning experience everyday, but with the right attitude, organization and planning it is amazing what you can get done in one day.  Sharing these struggles with our readers is a great way to learn from each other and reminds us that we’re never alone. “ ~ Shelley [Read more...]

WAHM Resource Site


I’m Rondi, the mother of three beautiful children and admin of WAHM Resource Site.  I started this site because I love to share information and connect with other moms and mompreneurs.  I have a strong passion for helping others and feel a resource site can be very beneficial to us all. WAHM Resource Site is dedicated to moms, children and families.  Here you will find helpful tips; freebies, work at home jobs, family friendly giveaways and much more. I balance parenthood, work and a giveaway blog with the support of family and friends. ~ Rondi [Read more...]



“It’s all about the quality of time. It’s ok to spend time working but that needs to be a dedicated time that the kids understand. Then when you spend time with your kids you have to unplug. It’s not fair to be on the phone working, or on Facebook. When it’s their turn it’s their turn.” ~ Louise Bishop [Read more...]