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“As the mother of two very active elementary school-aged children, I am constantly striving to find the right balance between parenthood and my business (blog).” ~ Bridget Gilligan


Leslie Loves Veggies

“My girls are both grown so balancing my blog with parenthood isn’t an issue for me.  When my Little Guy is here for the weekend the computer get turned off.  He is my priority.”...


A Helicopter Mom

“Much of my love for writing A Helicopter Mom comes from the experiences and fun that I have with my children because of it. I want my blog to be an addition to my family life, not something...


The Review Wire

With kids, balancing time to blog can be tricky. I have learned that yes, I do need to write but the kids come first. So staying up late or waking before they do sneak in what I can is best.” ...


A Sensible Momma

“Whenever possible (which is most of the time), I try to deal with products that are for my children. This helps me spend time with the kids while also “working” on doing a review...


Life Is A Sandcastle

“Family is first and that time is precious. I actually blog when I can, sometimes if I can’t sleep in the middle of the night. It’s a scary thought this year both boys will be in...


Bella Savvy

“There’s no doubt that my family comes first above everything else but ever since I can remember my mom always told me that I should become a writer, maybe writing greeting cards or...