Cut Expenses and Still Have A Great Christmas

With the economy being down for such a long time, many people have learned how to cut expenses in daily living, but hesitate when Christmas comes along. The first step in creating a wonderful Christmas without going into debt is making a mindset change. Culture and traditions can be changed.

Commit to not use credit cardsChristmas-expenses

This is where people get into trouble the quickest.

Make a list just like Santa

Check it twice, and don’t buy on the spur of the moment.

Handmade gifts come from the heart and are usually appreciated more

Use materials on hand or purchase inexpensive supplies to create personalized gifts.

Limit the number of gifts given

Parents tend to overdo it when giving gifts to children. One or two well thought-out gifts can bring more joy than several meaningless gifts.

Talk to family and friends

Discuss the need to cut expenses.

Consider giving Christmas ecards instead of buying and mailing regular Christmas cards

There are plenty of sites that offer free ecards.

Write a letter to Santa

If Santa gives gifts in the kid’s stockings and under the tree, consider talking to the kids and suggesting that they write a letter to Santa asking for just a small gift in their stockings. This would help Santa reach more kids in need.

Have a pot luck dinner

Having a pot luck dinner with neighbors and friends can give everyone an opportunity to get together and celebrate the season without a big expense.

Warm the heart

A candy cane with a bow and note of appreciation will warm anyone’s heart.


I'm a Health Coach helping disheartened couples who want to create more balance and harmony in their marriage by assisting them in getting the 'heart' back into their relationship. With 35+ years of experience, my unique approach will bring enlightenment and joy. I also coach caregivers who are stressed and worn out, who are putting their own health at risk and want to achieve improved self-care and a more balanced lifestyle. I provide my clients the depth and expertise there situations require.

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  1. says

    Great list! This is how we celebrate the holidays. In fact, we do a cousin exchange and I just asked that we lower the price point for the kids on the grounds that last year my children were over gifted. Everyone was right on board. It just takes one person to get the conversation going.

  2. says

    We set an age limit a long time ago. Once you reach 18, you no longer get gifts instead you are given money and you have to provide receipts for the gifts you purchased for needy children. It cuts down a lot and keeps you in a budget while teaching your kids to help others.

  3. says

    Thanks for the tips. I’m all about saving some cash. We do make a list and OUR kids come first then we figure everyone else out. This year we are doing special ornaments for extended family.

  4. says

    I totally agree that parents tend to overdo gift giving. My daughter is only 2 so she really doesn’t care how many gifts she getting so we only get her a few special things and she appreciates each one! I really love your idea of a potluck dinner, what a great way to celebrate the season without burning a whole in your pocket!

  5. Savannah Miller says

    I made a list this year and stuck to it :) Well almost I got my kiddos each a book that wasn’t on the list. Plus I watched for coupons for toys i knew they wanted :)

  6. says

    Great point about limiting the number of gifts – it’s quality, not quantity. And I think “quality” relates to the thought behind the gift and the suitability to the lucky recipient, rather than the amount it cost. I’d suggest that the advice doesn’t apply just to parents, but also grandparents!

  7. says

    Hand made baskets are going to a big one for us this year— Shopping and getting deals all year and then put together in a fun way for relatives + a craft from my kids ALWAYS a winner! =)

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