Foodtastic Friday Features Bohemian Bolognese

As a young mother with three hungry growing athletic boys, now all men, who grew up playing basketball and who all went to college on scholarships b/c of these talents, I knew that carbs were a huge source of energy that they needed for their competition. Pasta was a favorite~~they’d come to the table and wolf down pasta sometimes not even coming up for air!


Over these years, actually decades, I worked on perfecting my bolognese sauce because I knew they needed lots of good protein, too. In this quest, I created a bolognese sauce that, while lengthy in ingredients, the end result is worth all the effort, which isn’t that much once the organization is done (just a matter of simmering, thickening, and letting all those flavors jump for joy!). This sauce morphed into so many other things besides our ‘bolognese’ sauce~it became the sauce for a deep dish pizza~it was the base for a rich tasty lasgana, and more! So, never worry about the amount this recipe makes~~w/your creative spirit, you’ll find so many uses, you’ll be glad you had just a little more! One more thing~~this sauce is award-winning!

Come see why along with what’s in the bohemian bolognese recipe

~~ xo ally from Ally’s Kitchen

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