Fourth of July Paper Lanterns – Crafts for Kids


Crafting with children is such an enjoyable experience! Kids love being creative, and crafting is also a great way to occupy them when that summertime boredom begins to set in! One of our favorite crafts to make together are these beautiful Fourth of July Paper Lanterns.


Maybe you remember making paper lanterns when you were a child? They are easy to make, use very few supplies, and the kids absolutely love them! If you have preschool aged children, this craft is perfect for helping them learn to follow instructions, and for developing their cutting skills; just make sure they are using a pair of safety scissors. You may also want to consider drawing in lines where they need to make the cuts to make it easier.

Fourth of July Paper Lanterns

– 8.5 x 11 paper (the thicker the better) – construction paper works great, as does crafting paper.
– double-sided tape, glue or stapler
– scissors
– ruler
– flameless candle


1. The first step is to trim a 1 inch piece off of the paper which will be used for the handle. It is up to you whether you want to cut it from the length or the width. Remember, for real young children, grab a ruler and draw a line for them to follow.
2. Next, fold the paper in half lengthwise.
3. Then, starting from the folded edge, cut a slit every 1 inch, making sure to leave a margin of about an inch at the top. Again, for young children draw in the lines so they can see where to cut.
4. Once all of the lines are cut, the next step is to open the paper and roll it into a tube.
5. Then, using either double-sided tape, glue or a stapler, attach the ends together both at the top and the bottom of the paper. Make sure to overlap just a little bit.
6. Remember that 1 inch strip we cut off earlier? Here is where you attach it to the top of the lantern so it forms a handle, again using your tape, glue or stapler.
7. Last, but not least, place your lantern over the flameless candle and you are finished!

We love to place ours on the table outside while we grill out in the evening before the fireworks – they look so pretty lit up! Imagine how great they would look if you hung several of them on a piece of twine hanging from your porch or the trees!


These cute paper lanterns can be used for all types of celebrations including Chinese New Year, birthday parties, and New Year’s Eve, or even just as decoration in a child’s room! You can use any color paper, or even let the children paint or color a piece of paper so they have their own unique lantern!

What is your favorite craft to make with your children?