A Healthy Mom is a Happy Mom


How many times have you purchased vitamins thinking you’re going to get healthier, more energized, and perhaps have nicer skin (depending on what you buy, of course) because of it? I am a Whole Foods junkie!

I love shopping at Whole Foods with the intention to eat healthier and have just organic stuff going in and on me. My cabinet is full of so many different kinds of vitamins. Why? It’s always been my way of trying to cheat the health system that should include exercise and more nutritional meals.


Why Supplements Are Important to Mom

For many years, I suffered through depression. I could never truly understand what triggered my mood swings and my sadness until I realized the difference when I started to pay attention to my health. This meant getting into a workout routine and eating healthy.

The eating healthy part was challenging because I tried to make sure my meals included the appropriate amount of vitamins. Sometimes, though, I still felt sluggish and couldn’t quite feel the energy I thought I would have simply from working out and eating healthier.

Taking supplements or vitamins as you might call it, have always been a part of my health routine. And I have, since I’ve made it a point, always made sure I take my multivitamins on a daily basis.

Finding EveryDay Happy Made Mom Happy!

I mentioned how much I go to Whole Foods above. My husband hates knowing I’m going there because I always leave with a large bill. I don’t like the expensive purchases either but I do it because I have to buy more vitamins.

So I went on a search for healthy, natural multi-vitamins that could keep me from having to step into Whole Foods. Surprisingly, I found something that also focuses not just on mom’s health, but the environment as well.

I was so excited when I came across EveryDay Happy! They have so many great benefits including:

  • Being properly certified
  • Natural, energy boosting elements
  • Sustainability
  • Pure and natural ingredients

I love this company! You immediately know you’re receiving one of their packages because it comes in this:


Then I take it out and of course you get the vitamins plus a cool little travel case so you can always put it in your purse and eliminate one more excuse as to why you haven’t taken your vitamins!


Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I usually take fish oil as well, because my family has a history of heart problems. Both my dad’s parents died from heart conditions and my dad’s brothers and sisters have been as well. So it’s important to make sure I take good care of my heart. Luckily, EveryDay Happy has just the stuff! Their fish oil is 100% Pure, which is a big deal for me!

Their vitamins are made with high quality ingredients so they aren’t your typical over the counter cheap stuff, but if you get it as a Wellness Kit, you save about 28% every month, which to me is HUGE and a fantastic deal!

I’m very picky about supplements that go into my body. I’ve been taking EveryDay Happy vitamins for at least a month now and I can tell you right now that my monthly “woman moments” were unusually not as disturbing as it normally is, making it one more reason I needed to tell everyone about it! If you’re a mom, especially a working mom with little children, good multi-vitamins are definitely a MUST!

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