How to Make Mommy Friends

Making friends is a little more difficult after high school. Your life begins and you get busy. You do your best to divide your time between work, family, play, and sleep. Wait … what? Play? What’s that?


When you become a parent, your friendship with some of your friends might change. Those who don’t have children usually can’t relate to the things you go through. So it’s sometimes difficult for them to understand exactly why you can’t make time for them. When your priorities change in this way, you also become a little less concerned or uninterested about the “other things” that you no longer care about. Often times you want to get away with your single friends, but you also want to be around someone who feels your pain.

Making mommy friends can be so helpful and a good way to lift your spirits, but adults don’t just go up to each other and ask to play. Just like with food, we might be picky about the different flavors that are out there. Of course, there are food that might not look great, but turn out to be the most amazing stuff you’ve ever had.

Here are are few helpful tips to making mommy friends:

1) Go out

How can you meet anyone if you’re sitting at home? Go out and be places where your son might like to be. The park is a great place for moms to take their kids. There are many shopping centers with a play area, if you have small children.

Places where moms who have children of similar age groups are some of the best places to go. You can strike conversations that you know both of you might be interested in going deeper into.

2) Smile

You don’t want others judging you, but don’t kid yourself. Surely there is a little voice in you that sometimes tells you whether or not you should approach someone. Sometimes the way you look could keep someone from approaching you. Be inviting and just smile. Let them know you’re not going to bite :) (this is me smiling at you now)

3) Start a conversation

You have to start somewhere. Don’t expect the other person to, because they might be just as shy as you are. Sometimes even standing next to someone can be a good way to start something. Stand next to a mom you think might be nice and maybe start with, “how old is your little girl?”

The mom might start to talk then. If not, you can follow your question with another question. You might need to ask at least 3 questions before you can find out if she would be open to the next step.

4) Exchange contact information

Now you can find out what those guys who asked for your number (once upon a time) might have felt. I’ve actually heard about moms who have been rejected by other moms. So it does happen. You just have to make your judgment, hope you make the right one, and be brave. If she says no, then she might not be a nice friend anyway and someone you could probably do without. If all goes well, then you might have just started a beautiful new friendship.

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  1. Sharon says

    I’ve always been able to make eye contact and introduce myself and start a conversation. The problem usually ends up being the people I’m meeting are as interesting as dry toast.

    That’s mean…LOL…it is important as a mommy to get out and meet other mommys. It helps our sanity :)

  2. says

    It can be difficult for some people to approach others that they don’t know–but if you both have children then you certainly have something in common. It might take a bit but you will be approached and eventually you will approach others-especially when your children begin to play together!

  3. says

    Start the conversation–wonderful tip–I learned that after watching my daughter approach every kid at the park “DO YOU WANT TO PLAY TAG?” not a care in the world if they said no–she’d just move on to the next child.

  4. says

    Another great place is I have belonged to two mommy groups in my area on meetup. I’ve made some great friends and now my daughter has familiar faces in preschool.

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing great tips! The start a conversation is a really good one. I should give it a try more often.

  6. says

    Its so much easier to make mommy friends when the kids are younger than when they get older and just get dropped off for playdates and sleepovers.

  7. says

    Excellent advice! It might be easier for extroverts to make those connections than it is for introverts. But, if you stay true to you and go places you naturally enjoy (whether the park or the library for preschool story time), you will find a kindred spirit or two! Don’t forget about the other young moms in your neighborhood! Or the group you might find at church!

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