Are Mom Bloggers Really the “Mamarazzi” in Disguise?

Are you a mommy blogger? Do you find yourself stalking your prey with your camera, while they go about doing their day to day activities? Do you have an insane amount of photographs on your phone, mainly of your prey?

Well, if like me you answered: “yes, Yes and YES!!”, then you may very well be a “Mamarazzi”!

It’s okay.

Don’t let this new title upset you.

Own it, like you own that camera or smart phone that is constantly flashing away at your fingertips.

As a self-classified “Mamarazzi”, I have over 8000 photographs on my phone – mostly of my twin toddlers, or connected to them in some way. I am constantly getting messages from my phone saying: “Your phone is full; you can not take any more photographs of your children!” Even my phone is giving me a hard time about being a Mamarazzi.


Of course all Mamarazzi want to capture their adorable kids on camera. Those special moments include some great stories like the time my twins smothered the iPad in Vaseline, or when they gave the repair man a run for his money, or the time my house turned into a crime scene at the hands of my 16 month old twins.  Sometimes being a Mamarazzi, is about recording the pure joy of discovering all the simple gifts life has to offer you, and seeing these through the eyes of your children.

Ordinary MomentsNo matter how sweet the stories are you have to share, just like the Paparazzi, being a mommy blogger can be quite controversial. Many people don’t approve of the way we put our kids out in the spot light. I however think it is a gift. When my kids are older they will have an account of the early years of their life that they wouldn’t normally be able to remember. That museum trip we took, that road trip, that poop in the tub, will all be there for them to look back on when they are older.

The twins will get a glimpse into their lives and what it was like from my perspective.  It’s also a special way to have my family (that is spread across three continents) stay connected with us as my kids grow up way too quickly!

Like all good parents, there are things we can do as mommy bloggers to protect our young (and ourselves):

  1. For obvious reasons, don’t advertise to your blog following that you are going away on vacation. It’s best to write about it after the fact.
  2. Make up names for your kids or yourself to protect your privacy (I wish I had thought of this before I had invested so much time into my blog).
  3. Be careful when taking photographs on your smart phone. They are extremely “smart” and can embed a code into the image saying where and when the photograph was taken. Handy for you personally, but you don’t really want the info out there for all to find. This can be rectified in your settings, or by speaking to your provider.

So Yes, Mommy bloggers are like the Mamarazzi. We always have our cameras flashing, and we make sure to capture the ordinary moments, and turn them into extraordinary memories. But don’t forget to enjoy these moments too – sometimes it’s best to just put the camera aside and simply live in the moment.

“Live life to the fullest”, is one of my favorite sayings, and a motto I try to live by. This can be achieved by being fully present in your child’s life, by living in the moment, and putting the camera down. Maybe someone else will capture the moment for you 😉

Hopefully you have a few favorite mommy bloggers who share their stories with you, their recipes, tips and life’s adventure of being a mom.

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Leigh Montgomery

Leigh Montgomery is a mother to fraternal twin toddler boys. Originally from South Africa, now living in the US. Leigh has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and used to counsel children and families before becoming a stay at home mom. In her blog she shows how much fun raising twins can be despite the insanity that comes along with twins! Their adorable dog, Carrie Bradshaw, also plays a part in their adventures.


  1. says

    Being very organized and from the ‘older’ generation, I’m glad I didn’t have a smart phone when my kids were little….all those photos would drive me nuts…lol Thankfully, there are smart phones and mamarazzi’s

  2. says

    I am a total “Mamarazzi”. the other day we went out and my husband asked me why I WASN’T bringing my camera. My kids are so used to it now. Great tips, I didn’t know that about a smart phone, then again, I don’t have one 😉 Your boys are adorable.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    Finding Humour in Everyday Life

  3. says

    I am somewhat guilty as charged. I try not to take too many photos of my own children for my blog and try to use stock images. However, using my own family is more appropriate. Since I have been blogging, I do stalk with my phone/camera.

  4. says

    Excellent points. Be present. Put the camera down.
    I also wonder when I see people recording a concert, if they are even watching it with their own eyes? Or, are they watching the show through their lens. (Which is sad to me.)

    Glad I found you through the hop :->

  5. says

    Great information.. thank you for sharing.. When my kids were small I would take pictures like crazy… now that they are older, they hate when I take their

  6. says

    Good advice about the smart phone being too smart and embedding the code to where it was taken. I never thought about that! My kids are teens now, but there are still creepy people around!

  7. says

    I feel like I am one of those distant relatives. I have enjoyed watching the boys grown up. I am sure your REAL family appreciates it too. I like you put it, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary moments. My latest iPhone, I got the 32 G because I got tired of getting that message and having to figure out what to delete. I am some type of razzi. I do take pictures with the intent, “I might blog about this.”

  8. says

    Haha tell me about it! I recently bought a 16gb flash drive to back-up the photos on my laptop – about 85% of them were my son’s. I was thinking I’d have enough space on the flash drive after I’m done transferring the photos, but noooo! I consumed all 16gb of it. Haha!

  9. says

    I always forget the camera or the SD card!! I dont post many pics of my kids on my blog. I use to post alot of them on Gather but when folks start making ugly comments about my kids I stopped posting them.:(

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