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Being comfortable during any kind of workout session is the top priority for me. I see all of these people at the gym in clothes that cannot be the type. When you step foot in the gym, you will spend the next hour or two depending on your activity in those same clothes. Your attire has to stand up to sweat, constant motion and pulling and tugging.

In Yo Wear

I don’t wear a droopy t-shirt when I sign up for a Bikram yoga class and I certainly am not going to wear a skimpy sports bra when I’m sprinting on the treadmill. There are reasons certain workout clothes are meant for certain workouts.

Before I had my two children, I was an avid yoga girl. I took my fair share of classes in Bikram and also tried a couple of different kinds. When I was pregnant, I even took classes appropriate for my situation. Yoga calmed me and centered me. I loved it. Still, I never felt entirely comfortable in my clothes at any of these classes. I just refused to go buy a wardrobe specifically for exercising. It didn’t seem right to me. Call me cheap.

After discovering how comfortable yoga attire is, I will never wear an oversized t-shirt to class again. These clothes make it easier to do poses and they are meant to go through the motions with you. They are meant to last.

In Yo Wear

Tree Pose In Yo’s pants

Now that I’ve been enlightened by the yoga-wear, it’s fun to play around with different types of clothes.

The lovely Rachel Frey, creator of InYo Wear, has introduced the yoga world to her fun patterns and comfortable styles! I even wear her stuff to bed it’s so great! She has fun colors and patterns and her attire won’t break the bank. I want to buy all of them: Leggies, Leggies Lite, Capris and Shorties! You’ve got to see them.

What I love about InYo Wear:

  • They are comfortable.
  • They fit.
  • They are easy to wash.
  • They are colorful.
  • They are fun!
  • They are affordable.
  • They are meant for yoga and sleeping for me!

I want to thank InYo for sponsoring this post.

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