Flying Buttress Bags – A Fashion Accessory Every Tween Should Have

Flying Buttress Bags

Rosie and Emily

The holidays are among us and the kids have been begging me for new accessories… Should I be worried that my children are only 4 and 6 and they are already into fashion?

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My oldest came home the other day swearing off bows.  No longer are the days I will see her hopping along with a big pink bow bouncing on top of her head.  She won’t let me go near her hair unless she’s requesting a small braid or she has a tangle that is unmanageable for her.  When I come close, she gives me “the hand.”  How do they know “the hand?”


My youngest has asked me to stop picking out her outfits for her in the morning.  This happened a few weeks ago when I pulled out the most adorable outfit I had purchased.  I received my youngest’s version of “the hand” too.   “Mommy, I want to choose what I am wearing now.”  She would like to be “prettiest” in her polka-dotted pink leggings, blue sparkly shoes, purple-jeweled top and bedazzled headband.  Not bad, not bad.  Let’s not forget the twirl she did for me after she put on her outfit.  Yikes.


I have to accept that the bows are gone and the glitter is staying.  The flashier it is, the better!  Don’t worry though, I will stand my ground.  The shorter stuff isn’t going to fly in this house. No way, Jose!


Flying Buttress Bags

These are so neat!

When I came across not too long ago, I knew I found a bag my girls were going to love.  I may not be able to pick their clothes, but I still have some fashion-sense.  And thankfully these bags are very classy and presentable!


Their site offers an array of lunchboxes and handbags.  These are not your regular bags though.  These funky fashion accessories cater to the “tween” generation, but younger kids love them too.  Heck, I think they need an adult-line of bags.  These things are cute and clever.   I could definitely see myself sporting these!


The thing that makes these bags clever is that you purchase a lunch bag or handbag and you can interchange the exterior panels making these look different everyday.  Yes, now your handbags have accessories for themselves!  They range in 35 styles and the panels fit on the handbags, lunch bags and techbags.  Customizing is all the rage these days.  I can’t wait to see how my little girls will design their own.  Their styles are very different.   But these bags are perfect for both of them! Love it!

Best Bags!

Our favorite bags


They both have the Tommie Tote, which is a denim bag.  It looks great on its own, but even jazzier with the fun panels you can snap on.  This bag can fit just about everything they need it to fit.  One of mine would put her books in one and the other would fill hers with all of her bracelets.


The two featured panels (in the photos) are the ones we are lucky to have, but I’ll certainly be buying other panels to change it up.  What a perfect Christmas gift!! They are going to be so happy to have a whole other purse!


We love our “Emily” and “Rosie” panels.  The “Emily” is perfect for that night to the movie theatre with it’s silver sparkle.  It’s flashy and perfect for my bracelet girl. The “Rosie” is a softer panel that works great for a more romantic evening at the local Italian restaurant.   My book girl loves these. Either way, my girls are feeling super-fancy!


Flying Buttress

Snaps right in!

I can’t wait to let my kids pick the panels they want too.  I know who will go for the super-fuzzy blue panel… and who will beg for the pink sparkles.


I know we have something special when I envy my children for their fashion accessories… am I right or am I right?  I’ve seen adult versions of these kinds of bags before, but never this quality.  The bags are very durable and are built to last.  I hope they come out with a duffle size tote soon.  You could snap 4 panels on those!


My most favorite thing about these very fun bags is the story behind them.  The two founders love architecture and kids… hence their company name: Flying Buttress.  These bags are functional yet stylish and are fun for kids.  Reina and Julia also are big supporters of the Girl Scouts and sponsored Girltopia 2013!  As a mom of girls, I’m a fan!  What a fun way to give back!


Look at these soft Rosies


The awesome founders of Flying Buttress provided me with two samples of their bags and their panels.  I’m excited to buy more panels and maybe even a Techcase for myself!  Who knows… Maybe Santa will add a few under the tree too!

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