How Important is Your Appearance to You?

As a woman, my appearance is very important to me. No, I don’t consider myself beautiful, but I do know that I feel better when I take care of myself.

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After my baby was born, I was too tired to do anything that involved any sort of “maintenance” on myself.  About a year ago, I read a book about natural health and beauty tips.  So I started them all. I used vinegar and olive oil on my face, I drank a lot of citrus mixtures, and tried to exercise as much as possible. They all do a lovely job, just not at the rate I want it to.

My dad has a lot of hanging moles, which are also called skin tags on his face. At 34, I freaked out when I saw 2 small ones growing right above my cheekbone. I was scared! So I have tried to religiously clean and moisturize my face at least twice a day, every day with all the natural health ingredients I could. Then just a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Dr. Mostamand to try products from their skin care and makeup collection.


Here are my personal findings:

Anti-Aging Intensive Skin BrightenerSkin-Brightener-Ageless-Derma

I use this immediately after I wash my face.  I started using this as soon as I received my package, which was about 10 days ago.  I live by the beach so I am out in the sun all the time. I know vitamin D is good for you, but perhaps not at the rate I get them. So I was excited to try this when I was told I was going to get it.  The description on the site says it should reduce hyperpigmentation, which is definitely what I’ve got.

After 10 days, I was amazed at the glow my face now has.  This isn’t just helping reduce pigments on my skin, but it’s giving my skin more of a heightened, natural color, which I absolutely love! I notice my cheekbones are also highlighted!

Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream

I absolutely LOVE this. Though the skin brightener does a fantastic job, this anti-wrinkle cream makes my skin incredibly soft! The skin brightener definitely does its job, but it doesn’t quite glide on as smoothly as the anti-wrinkle cream.

I think I’m still quite young, but I definitely have heavy bags under my eyes with a good lot of wrinkles with it already. I’m not quite sure if it has to do with my sleepless nights or the heavy amount of eye makeup I use. Whatever the case, I definitely needed the help!

I have been quite busy the last 2 weeks, which means I have not slept much. Somehow, though, this cream has help reduce the dark circles and heavy lines that used to be right under my eyes.  It’s not perfect, but I most definitely feel and see the difference!

Loose Mineral Makeup FoundationAgeless-Derma-Lexie-Lane

I got the Cool Beige mineral makeup. This stuff can be used to eliminate the shine and oily look on your face. However, I feel it should be used in moderation. I usually put my brush just over the powder. Then I tap and swirl lightly on the empty lid and tap out the excess off of my brush a bit so it doesn’t look cakey on my face. I brush from the inside to the outer parts of my face. Again, beware about how much you put on as it can look quite cakey and heavy if you’re not careful. If you use it right, it will give you face the perfect amount of color and its job correctly.

Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow

I know I keep saying it, but I love this eye shadow. It really accentuates my eyes. I of course love smokey eyes, but will use this over my smokey color. It also helps keep all the other colors I use, looking fresh no matter how many hours I already have it on!

Eye and Lip Liner

Eye Liner

I was lucky enough to get a chance to try their eye liner. I have looked everywhere for an eyeliner that stays on my eyes and doesn’t run. I’m not sure if it’s allergies or what the reason is for getting runny, watery eyes. I do get them and it seems that no matter how expensive a product I use, I always have the same problem. So to see the actual difference between this and another eye liner I use quite often, I used the Ageless Derma eyeliner on my right eye and my other eyeliner on the left eye.

After 6 hours, both eyeliners were quite light on my eyes. However, the right eye had less running liner, which means that it didn’t look like quite a mess as it did on my left eye, where most of my liner ran where my bags are. So it looked like I had a little more of a black eye going on with my left eye than my right.

Lip Liner

Did its job, but can’t comment too much about this. I’ll tell you why next.

Satin Lip Gloss

I had forgotten to tell Dr. Mostamand from Ageless Derma that I don’t actually use lip products very much. I was never able to find anything good, except for Vaseline and a little bit of concealer. That’s right, I used concealer for my lips because I loved the color.

After trying the Satin Lip Gloss, I feel I have really found my fave! My lips are quite big and anything I use for it makes me feel like a clown. So I try to go as natural as I could with lip products. Hence the concealer. Now, I have the perfect lip enhancer and will never use anything else again!

Lip Polish

This adds an extra shine to my lips! My husband is not the most affection person in the world, but lately he’s been telling me how kissable my lips look! It’s definitely gotten me more attention!

Lip Stick

Mango-lip-stickI’ve honestly only worn this once. I didn’t quite like it as much as I do the other two I just mentioned. I’m not a big lipstick person and feel I could only wear this at a party. Though the Mango Tango that I have is light enough, the color still overpowers my skin tone. I do love the packaging of this lipstick. It’s nice, soft very classy looking.

As a mom, I know that we can get quite busy and carried away with our kids’ lives. Many people will tell you that it’s just as important to take care of yourself. Pamper yourself with beauty and enhance your God given features by trying some of these products out! I guarantee you will love it just as much as I do!  In fact, their creams alone help me feel confident enough that I can even go out in public without makeup on!


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