Koteli – Saving the Earth One Bag at a Time


Folded up in their own pocket

What is your favorite sea creature?  Mine is by far the sea turtle.  These animals are amazing to watch under the ocean.  They swim so effortlessly.   I fall in love every time we hear stories over the summer about mother sea turtles laying their eggs along the beach.  I’ve had many friends share their memories of the babies making that long trek to the water.

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We were fortunate to take a trip to Epcot this fall and see the amazing Crush exhibit.  Crush is the sea turtle character from the animated film Finding Nemo.  The 30-minute show draws you in because you are able to interact with Crush himself.  While waiting for the show, you stand in an area full of interesting facts and exhibits detailing sea creatures.  My kids learned that we are losing the sea turtles because of pollution.


Koteli Unwrapped

What they look like when unfolded

Sea turtles have been around for hundreds of years, but our irresponsible behavior is causing them to become extinct.


The founders of Koteli are trying to stop this behavior and help keep them alive and thriving.  Koteli has introduced a line of reusable shopping bags for us to use in place of plastic grocery bags.  According to their website, “it is estimated that 100 million sea creatures die each year do to plastic debris in the ocean.”  The sea turtles are confusing the plastic for jellyfish.  In the Epcot exhibit, we learned that sea turtles LOVE jellyfish and sea grass.


Koteli Bag Stuffed

I have all of my gym stuff and a change of clothes in here.

I was so excited to receive my bags from Koteli.  I was relieved that I could start doing my part, plus the bags are really cute.  The material used for the bags is vibrant and durable.  I replaced my worn out shopping bags with these and will find another use for the older bags… probably to transport dog food and kids sports equipment.


Koteli is also doing more amazing things with their bags.  Every time someone purchases one of their bags, 10% of the profit will go to non-profit organizations that are saving the earth.  They mention Billion Baby Turtles as one of these charities.


What do I love about the Koteli shopping bag? It’s light-weight, colorful and takes up little space in my pantry.  These will make perfect stocking stuffers!!  Its creators are doing their part to help save the environment and they are giving me the opportunity to help out as well.


I also appreciate what is says on their tags.  They are made from recycled materials and the ink is recycled too.  Pretty cool.


Koteli Bags with tags

Tags are printed on recycled paper and use recycled ink

Now if we could all go out and replace our shopping bags with at least one of these bags, imagine what an impact we’d make?


I hope my grandchildren won’t grow up and read about the sea turtle as an animal that once lived in the sea.  I hope my grandchildren will share the same memories as me and get to witness the baby turtles making their trek across the sand one summer evening.  Wouldn’t that be a cool thing to see?

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