The Top 50 Money Saving Blogs Are …

We sometimes take for granted the wonderful resources that are available to us, especially ones that can help us succeed financially.  Many of us could use as much help as possible, especially in today’s economy.
Top 50 Money Saving Blogs PostOver the past few months, we received many nominations for various blogs in the “money saver” category.  Our panel was absolutely impressed with the work and effort that goes into some of these blogs.  Why? Have you ever clipped coupons? Have you ever heard of the couponers who get fantastic deals, where many of them even come home with money in their pockets rather than holes? Well, it isn’t quite as easy as you might think! A lot of dedication and quick math goes into the techniques involved!

This year, we chose a list of 50 Money Saver Blogs who deserve to receive recognition for their hard work. These parent bloggers not only talk about their own success stories, but they also provide the resources, tips, and information you need so that you too can benefit! Of course it will involve a little bit of effort and dedication on your part, but if you develop the passion, you too can be successful and debt free, just like many of them have become!

Please take a gander at the Top 50 Money Saving Blogs of 2013 and let us know which of these parent bloggers deserve the #1 spot!



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    Excellent thing for you to share. So helpful. This time of year is probably underrated as far as how much is spent. We often think of Christmas time, but summer time is a great time to look up savings either for summer vacations, or to start saving early for back to school — if we’re bright, we start saving for Christmas. It seems far away, but it always hits before we know it.

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    I’ve seen those couponing shows and I have no doubt the amount of dedication and time are unbelievable. Kudos to them doing all of the work!! I can’t wait to check out the selection!

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    Great list of blogs! I’ll have to spend some time checking some of these out. There are a few I haven’t visited before. Thanks for sharing :)

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    well there are a few I check out regularly…but I see some new ones to add to the list too. TY with hubby just loosing his job we’ve got to pinch pennies so much more then before!

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