Top 50 Hilariously Funny Nominated Parent Bloggers – 2014

Funny-Blogs-PostWhat better way to start off 2014, but with a few laughs? After all, laughter IS good for your health, especially when you’ve got kids to add to your grey hairs, dark circles under your eyes, and increase your blood pressure.

The following is a List of Funny Blogs to look out for in 2014 that are owned and written by parents around the globe.   Vote for your favorite! It ends February 2, 2014. For rules and questions about our voting system, please visit our Top Blog FAQs.

The scores have been collected! Please stay tuned as we announce the Top 10 in the next few days! Please note that you may still vote, however, votes no longer count up to this point (Feb 3, 2014 1200)


[psv-section section=”001″]8 Bit Dad[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”002″]ann’s rants[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”003″]Brittany Herself[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”004″]Comic Strip Mama[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”005″]Don’t Mind the Mess[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”006″]Dysfunctional Dose[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”007″]Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”008″]Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”009″]Five Kids Is A Lot of Kids[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”010″]Football Food and Motherhood[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”011″]Forever Five Blog[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”012″]Geek Dad[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”013″]Gina Valley[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”014″]Girl to Mom[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”015″]Hot Mess Mom[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”016″]I like beer and babies[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”017″]Kelley’s Break Room[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”018″]Let Me Start By Saying[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”019″]Mamapotamus[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”020″]Men Get Pregnant Too[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”021″]Menopausal Mom[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”022″]Mike Adamick[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”023″]Misadventures in Mommyhood[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”024″]Mommies in Orbit[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”025″]Mom’s Madhouse ~ A Blog w/ Sprinkles of Truth[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”026″]Mother WTF[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”027″]Motherhood Is An Art[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”028″]Multiple Momstrosity[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”029″]Naps Happen[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”030″]Ninja Mom Blog[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”031″]Observations of a Cynical Mother[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”032″]One Classy Motha[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”033″]One Funny Motha[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”034″]Raising Colorado[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”035″]Smacksy[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”036″]snarky mommy[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”037″]Tales from the Poop Deck[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”038″]The Crazy Mama Drama[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”039″]the Daddy Complex[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”040″]The Funny Mom Blog[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”041″]The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”042″]The Inklings of Life[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”043″]The Mom in Black[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”044″]The Robot Mommy[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”045″]Toulouse and Tonic[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”046″]Wendi Aarons[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”047″]When Crazy Meets Exhaustion[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”048″]Whispers and Shouts[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”049″]World According to Mags[/psv-section]
[psv-section section=”050″]Wub Boo Mummy[/psv-section]



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  1. says

    Thank you for this list. Freaking hilarious writers all around. I think Geek Dad might be my favorite of all. I’ve started a new blog and any feedback would be much appreciated. I’d like to think it’s a little funny, not on par with the professionals though. Thanks again!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness, that’s a long list. I guess I’ll just close my eyes and point to a few. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this list. I’m looking forward to some good reading tonight. Peace!

  3. Credit card repair process - (877)853-5483 says

    Just read forever five blogs and geek dad blogs, they are so funny and well presented. The rest are full of fun too, By this time I go for these two blogs. I’m excited for the upcoming winner.

  4. says

    I agree, the list is just too impressive. It’s like I’m in high school again and the cheerleaders have started talking to me! Just; uh, don’t make me prom queen and dump a bucket of anything on me, k?

  5. Biddy H says

    It’s got to be Comic Strip Mama. Her posts make me laugh in England and my best buddie laugh in Australia. And there are more of us in between. She is the best of comics. Funny with a serious point. I’ve got all her books. Universal humour for all we mamas everywhere.

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