Top 50 Review Blogs in 2013

What is the likelihood that you will go online and read reviews before you purchase something? An article found on search engine people states some interesting statistics. For instance, according to Bob Nunn, “Traffic to the top 10 review sites grew on average 158% last year (

It’s true! Most of us depend on what others think and feel, before we make the decision to buy. Well, parents are notorious for some of the most awesome reviews around. Here are 50 fantastic review blogs that are just worth following, especially in case you’ve got some questions about certain questionable goods.

If you’ve got a favorite, let us know simply by voting!

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  1. says

    I feel that being a social worker, who suffers from depression and has since my early teen years, I may be able to help some one who understands the dark pit this illness leaves u in. No one can understand the misery, self hate, isolation, anger, and loss of all hope. To just get out of bed to shower can be more than u can manage. The constant thought of ending your life and the feeling that u r merely existing , not living. To any one who has not suffered from this illness this must sound crazy. If I can help one person learn to live and function in society it would be worth starting a blog.

  2. says

    I wish Family Focus Blog had made your list:) I agree with you that review blogs get used by real people all the time. I saw my husband checking out a review on a waffle iron once and I was like, hey, I know that blogger!

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