What is Your Most Memorable Moment with Your Mom?


Moms have moms too 🙂 and a few of them are here to share some of the best moments they’ve had with theirs. Some day your own daughter (or son) might have some of the same memories of you. Could you imagine them reminiscing and sharing their fondest memories of you, just like these moms did …

For me, my most memorable moment with my mom was after my daughter was born. My mom spent a lot of her valuable time after the birth of my daughter at my house, helping me out. This quality time meant the world to me. It means even more to me now since she will be gone a year on May 10th. My mom helped shape me into the mother I am today, and I know the wisdom she placed into me while I was growing up will help me raise my beautiful daughter even though my mom is gone to heaven.

~ Courtney Pies from Optimistic Mommy


The most memorable moment between me & my mom was our walk on the beach last summer. Mom is a busy lady & she needed a break, said me. I thought it would be fun to go to the beach for a weekend. We sat in the hotel room when we weren’t out on the beach or at the aquariums – laughing until we cried over the craziest things.

We still bring it up every time we are around family & friends. It was nice to get away.

~ Leslie C from The Crafty Side of Sarcasm

Sometimes the most memorable moments in our childhoods are the small everyday occurrences that contribute to our feeling that all is right with the world. I had many of those with my mom.

In an era of stay-at-home-moms and ‘father-knows-best’, what I remember most about my mom was that she was always there. When I came down for breakfast – she was there. When I came home from school – she was there. And when I closed my eyes at night – she was there…reading me a bedtime story.

Mom loved to iron – I think it was therapeutic for her. My dad worked in an office and dress shirts were required…and those were the days before permanent press and wrinkle-free clothing. But I can’t believe she would have spent so many hours at the ironing board if she had hated doing it. Her hand would smooth the fabric as the hot iron would pass back and forth…and knowing she was listening to me would soothe some of the angst as I told her of my day at school, problems with friends or concerns for the future. I often sang songs from the popular artists of the day – Joan Baez was my favorite. I doubt she was my mom’s…but that didn’t matter…Mom listened happily and approvingly no matter what…a true giver of unconditional love.

~ Vivian Kirkfield from Picture Books Help Kids Soar

I have MANY memorable moments with my mom.

One that comes to mind though, is the day I was going to be a mommy myself. The birth of my first born. My husband and my mother were present. I am extremely close to my mother (we are best friends), and I remember being in intense labor with Jeremiah (our firstborn). With no epi and constant contractions it was very painful. I started to do my breathing, which almost sounded like I was ready to rap. I remember looking at my mom at one point in MAJOR pain, doing my breathing and we both started laughing. No words, just a total understanding at how silly I sounded. I couldn’t look at her from then on, because no matter the pain. We would both laugh to much. It’s a memorable moment with my mom/my friend.

~ Sarah Oneal Sarah: Simply Me

Being lost in a foreign country with my mom driving a car around and when I asked if we were lost she told me ” NO we are on an ADVENTURE.”

~ Michelle de Guzman from Real Army of Moms

All of my most memorable times with my mom were outside. Most recently on a sunny deck after a yoga class together. She was smiling and we were talking with friends. The thing I remember most is my mom’s smile and the presence of her body close to mine. The physical manifestation of her internal energy sticks with me because we were so purely together and enjoying the beauty of life and each other.

~ Hunter Clarke-Fields from Hunter Yoga

Everyday with my Mom was memorable. She wasn’t the best cook in the world but she made a mean Thanksgiving stuffing! I’ll never forget arriving at Mom’s house on Thanksgiving morning when was 82. The house was filled with thick, grey smoke and her stuffing was burnt to a crisp. When I asked her what happened she said “I don’t know. I did it the way I always do. I baked it at 475 for 2 hours.” I quickly prepared the stuffing again, baking it at 350 for about 35 minutes. When dinner was served, Gramma Betty’s stuffing got all the praise as usual and my mom, the character that she was sat there and took all the praise. No one was the wiser!

~ Leslie Mayorga from Leslie Loves Veggies

Moms are by definition busy people, but my mom gave me every minute of her free time and let me know I was her top priority. My most memorable moment with her was when she would sit in the middle of the kitchen floor with me and patiently play jacks while dinner was simmering on the stove. She was good at it, too. She could toss the small red ball up and snatch the required number of jacks before the ball hit the vinyl. In a lightning quick move she would transfer the jacks to her other hand and catch the ball before it reached the top of its first bounce. Perfect. I learned to imitate her in that simple game and also later I followed her example in all the important things. Thanks, mom, for playing jacks with me.

~ Debra Chapoton from Big Pine Lodge Books

Can you think of your best moments with your mom? Please do share in the comments below.

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