Show me a Mom and I’ll show you one of the busiest people in the world! Between work, caring for the kids, helping out husbands and taking care of the house, what Mom couldn’t use a little help? Well, take a deep breath and relax because we have gathered together a list of 10 app favorites according to busy moms that are here to make your life easier – and still leave you some time for yourself, too!


1. MomCo App


This app has it all! The MomCo app helps you locate and connect with local moms with similar aged kids and interests, arrange playdates, keep current with local events, save money through local deals, keep up with all current product recalls and even find all the resources, services and products moms need.

There are also forums where you can share and get support from other moms who are just like you!

Available on Google Play and the App Store.

2. Chore Pad


Having trouble getting the kids to do their chores? A little motivation can go a long way and that’s exactly what Chore Pad offers! This innovative app allows your child to earn stars each time he completes a task. Once he earns enough stars, he can redeem them for a reward from a list that you’ve created. Bonus stars and penalty stars are also part of the app, so your child knows when he’s done a great job, or needs to do a little better.

Available in the App Store for $4.99.

3. eMeals

Make meal planning for the entire family a cinch with a little help from the eMeals app. Each week the eMeals team puts together and publishes more than 30 meal plans and corresponding grocery lists based on your food style preferences, family size, and what’s on sale at your preferred grocery stores.

Available in the App Store and on Google Play.

4. Grocery Gadget Shopping List


Make shopping easy with the Grocery Gadget app. This handy app creates multiple shopping lists for different stores, matches coupons to shopping items and lets you compare item prices across your favorite stores! An added bonus is that you can share your lists so you and your significant other won’t both come home with the same thing! Available in the App Store, and for Windows phones and BlackBerry.

Available in the App Store for $3.99

5. Mint.com Personal Finance

As one of the most popular personal finance apps, Mint.com lets you see all of your accounts—including checking, savings, credit and investments— and automatically obtains and categorizes all your transactions. Want to create a monthly budget for your family?Have this handy app do it for you based on all related expenses!

Available in the App Store, on Google Play and for Windows Phones and Amazon.

6. Cozi

The ultimate app for family organization, Cozi.com allows you to organize your family calendar, create shopping lists, manage to-do lists, leave reminders to yourself, and even make notes in your family journal!

Available in the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Windows.

7. Kids Meal Deals


Instantly find all the latest “Kids Eat Free” and other family focused restaurant specials in your area with the Kids Meal Deals app! Plus, since the app is updated regularly, you know you’ll get all the most current promotions as possible. The app will use your current location (or you can enter another one) to find the best kids meals deals near by.

Available in the App Store.

8. WebMD Mobile


WebMD Mobile is the ideal all-in-one medical resource for busy moms! Use the “Symptom Checker” to see if you really need to head to the doctor, get instant help in the first aid section, find drug warnings, local health listings and all the other medical information you’d want from the pros at WebMD.

Available in the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

9. Red Laser

Take the guesswork out of bargain hunting, save time and money with the Red Laser app! This app scans the bar code of an item and allows you to compare prices both online and at local vendors so you get the best deal every time. In addition you can save your favorites and keep all of your loyalty cards in one convenient place so you never miss an opportunity to earn points again.

Available in the App Store, on Google Play and for Windows phones.

10. Sleep Machine

Stress keeping you up at night? Sleeping past your alarm in the morning? Use the Sleep machine app to mix, create and play the sounds that can best lull you to sleep or wake you up.

Available in the App Store and Windows.

Isn’t it great to have all of these options just by clicks of a few buttons?