10 Comments My Tween Said to Me This Week


1. “Mom, I have a mustache so that means I’m a grown man.”

First, he doesn’t have a mustache- its peach fuzz and he keeps shaving it in hopes it grows back darker. I just roll my eyes when he says this.

2. “Mom, you can’t be my friend on Instagram anymore.”


Huh, I’m not trying to be his friend on Instagram, I’m being his parent. He is lucky he has an account. I plan to tag him all family picture I take from now on! I love parent’s revenge. Now I know what my mom meant when she told me I would enjoy parent’s revenge at some point. I’m sure not every parent thinks of it as revenge, but it’s fun!

3. Why do I have hair only on one armpit?

Good question- stumped me on that one. I told him maybe that’s what he gets for being so mean to his mama! I laughed and then tried to tickle him.

4. Don’t buy my clothes from Target or the Thrift Store, anymore.

Oh my goodness, really? This child thinks I’m made of money I guess. I told him until he makes his own money he will be getting whatever I buy him. However, I will look for name brand clothes at the thrift shop. It’s all about compromise. He didn’t like that response.

5. I will only give you hugs and kisses at home, not outside of the house.

Okay, I take that because I’m sure in a couple of years I won’t even get the hugs & kisses at home. I don’t mind respecting this, but it still hurts.

6. Why can’t I FaceTime until 2 a.m., that’s when my friends are all home.

This is one of the times I tell him he isn’t grown and guess who pays the phone bill, I do! Whoever pays the bill make the rules, right?

7. I ate the bag of chips because I got very hungry at 3 a.m.

Yes, I understand growing boys need a lot food BUT at 3 am? Just drink some water and go back to bed. His appetite has grown a lot this past year but my grocery budget hasn’t so I need to plan out what I buy.

8. Why do you buy stupid food like fruit, I’m not going to eat that stuff anymore.

Huh, fruit is stupid food? How is that even possible. This child wants to live on soda, pizza and candy. We have a rule that we have to eat at least one fruit and one vegetable a day.

It’s summer mom, why do I have to wake up before noon?

He told me not to worry about camp this year, and that was okay with me because camp is so expensive. However, he is not going to lay up all day while I’m busting my butt cleaning house, working, and cooking. Asking him to do anything in the house is like pulling teeth.

10. If I pay you $100, can I swear all day?
This had to be stupidest comment…really, he is willing to pay $100 to swear all day. I bet if someone gave him a $100 he wouldn’t give it to me but spend it at his favorite store.

I do hope to get through this stage without going bat crazy because I have one more Tween next year. 🙂

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