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10 Easy Ways to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time, but one that requires good health in order to avoid potential risks. Here are 10 easy ways to have a healthy pregnancy for the happy healthy mom and baby.

10 Healthy Pregnancy Habits

  1. Start Taking Folic Acid
  2. I remember going to the doctor for a health check up and pap smear when I was ready to begin conceiving my third child. During my check up, I told my doctor that I had planned on trying to conceive so that I could ensure that I was doing everything that I could to have a health pregnancy.

    My doctor recommended I start taking folic acid to help reduce the chances of neural tube defects. He explained that most neural tube defects occur in early pregnancy and that taking the folic acid would significantly reduce my chances.

    Prenatal vitamins are taken by most women during pregnancy. The good thing is, most of these vitamins already have folic acid in them.

  3. Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables
  4. Now is a great time to alter your lifestyle. Instead of snacking on unhealthy snacks and empty calories, try replacing your snacks with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    I always try to use fresh produce whenever possible but if I purchase too much at once I find that it goes bad before I can use it. I also grab packages of fruits and vegetables to help supplement my fresh produce.

    Frozen produce has the same health benefits as fresh produce. It’s typically frozen shortly after it’s picked.

    Skip the canned items. Canned items usually have tons of preservatives and don’t offer the same nutritional value that fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables offer.

    Eat a balanced diet. Don’t just rely on your prenatal vitamins to provide you with all of your micro-nutrients.

  5. Limit the Caffeine
  6. We know you’re more likely to be tired, but it’s important to limit the amount of caffeine you drink throughout the day. According to Babycenter, most obstetricians limit caffeine intake to 200mg or less per day. This is equivalent to an 11 ounce cup of coffee. Anything more than the 200mg limit can increase the potential chance of miscarriage and other birth defects.

  7. Drink Plenty of Water
  8. healthy pregnancy habits

    Hydration can reduce the amount of pain and discomfort that could potentially arise during pregnancy. It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Start replacing your soda, juice, or other beverages with a glass of water. Sip on your glass of water throughout the day and refill it as needed.

  9. Get Early Prenatal Care
  10. Starting prenatal care as early into your pregnancy as possible can help improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Your midwife or obstetrician will monitor your health as well as your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy.

    It is important to be open and honest with your doctor about your history. They are there to help you go through your pregnancy in the most comfortable way possible. Take a list of all prescription and over the counter medications you use when you go for your first appointment. You want to ensure these medications are safe for both you and your baby.

    During your visit, you will have the opportunity to address your concerns and questions. Remember to write your questions down so you don’t forget to ask them. The “mommy brain syndrome” is a real thing.

  11. Stop Smoking
  12. Do your best to stop smoking as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. Of course, it’s even better to stop smoking before you consider conceiving.  

    When you smoke, you are depriving your baby of clean air and the proper amount of oxygen necessary for their growth and development. Smoking also increases the chances of high blood pressure, lung problems, and other life threatening issues for the baby.

    If you’re having trouble, ask your healthcare professional for the best suggestions on how to quit smoking. DO NOT use electronic cigarettes. It is not yet confirmed as to what the exact risks and dangers are for smoking electronic cigarettes.

  13. Don’t Drink Alcohol
  14. Pregnant women shouldn’t consume any amount of alcohol while pregnant. Try not to fret over drinking before you found out the exciting news as long as you have stopped.

  15. Avoid Cold Cuts
  16. I remember enjoying lots of salads with lunch meat during my second pregnancy. Later I learned that cold cuts can contain a harmful bacteria, called listeria, which can cause food borne illnesses and other potential complications during pregnancy.

    If at all possible, do your best to stay away from cold cuts. Otherwise, talk to your healthcare professional about it. Perhaps there are other healthier options to help you satisfy these cravings.

  17. Get Plenty of Sleep
  18. Sleep is important whether or not your pregnant. However, during pregnancy, your body is working extra hard to grow your baby. That’s why it’s more important than ever to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

    Fatigue can be the result of an increase in hormones. Listen to your body’s needs and get some sleep! It doesn’t help you and your baby when you’re worn out.

  19. Exercise
  20. Pregnancy isn’t the time to start a new exercise routine, but low impact exercises, such as walking, yoga, and swimming can be very beneficial. It can help improve your overall health, build your endurance, strength, keep your weight gain at bay, and help you cope with labor.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading these tips and can apply it towards your happy moments of pregnancy. Use it to ensure a healthy start towards a happy healthy start with your baby.

Christy Garrett

Christy Garrett lives in Texas and has a degree in Information Technology. She is married to her best friend and has 3 children. In her free time she enjoys, writing about health, fitness, weight loss, and healthy recipes at Up Run for Life. Feel free to follow Christy on:
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