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10 Fun and Educational Apps for School Age Children

A couple of weeks ago I shared a list of some of the top apps for Preschool children. Today, I’ll share some of my favorites for elementary school age children. Some of these are free, others cost a few dollars, but they all help reinforce educational lessons such as math, reading, vocabulary, geography and more – lessons your child has already learned or will be learning. In my book this makes them all worth downloading!

1. Kid Science Ages: 2 to 10
This fun, educational app is packed full of science experiments for kids based on what you have on hand. Find experiments for all ages with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, simple explanations of the science behind the fun, and even photos to illustrate.
Price Free or Paid Versions
iTunes App Store for $4.99

picture via Itunes app store

2. Math BINGO Ages: 6 to 8
This app helps kids learn their math facts while playing BINGO! Choose from 5 games: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Mixed,
each with 3 different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. High scores will be saved on the Scoreboard and kids will earn colorful BINGO bugs with their high scores!
Price – $0.99
Google Play

3. Monster Physics Ages 9 to 11
Children will love learning as they invent and build their own machines, moving devices with wheels, joins, ropes, and propellers. Once built, they get to see if it works! A great introduction to physics. When kids first start they will be introduced to basic physics concepts, such as gravity, friction, etc. Then come the fun sections called “Missions” and “Build”. In Missions kids will have 50 challenges to face, starting off easy and gradually increasing in difficulty. Once completed, then they get to best part, the Build section!
Price $0.99
Google Play – coming soon

4. Britannica Kids Solar System Ages 4 and up

Let your tiny astronaut learn all about space and our solar system with this fun educational app by the makers of Encyclopedia Britannica. Children will learn and play at the same time through a variety of games like Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory Match, the Magic Square and more.Your child can explore using photos, videos and more.
Price – $4.99

5. StoryBuilder Ages 6 to 10

A fun, simple app that helps budding authors and kids struggling with writing create a tale of their own using a fill-in-the-blank format and audio and visual guidance. With three levels of play, 50 story lines, 500 audio clips and custom features such as voice recording, color coding and story introduction reinforcement, kids will master the skills of introduction, conflict, climax and resolution. Once their story is complete, children transfer it to paper. 
Price – $7.99

picture via iTunes app store

6. Stack the States Ages 9 to 11

All through elementary school children are taught US geography., This app takes a not-so-fun subject and makes it exciting! Kids will learn all about the state they live in, how the nation is laid out and more. Questions throughout the game help children learn about individual states including location on the map and its capital city.
Price – $0.99 – $1.99
Google Play
Windows phone

7. Coin Catcher Ages 5 to 8

Kids learn all about coins in this action-filled game that puts both memory and dexterity to the test. Kids will learn about individual coins, their value and even learn about wants vs needs. 50 fun-filled levels, children can play with or without story mode. Only for iPad.
Price – $0.99

8. Handwriting without Tears  Ages 4 to 6

Children will have a blast practicing their handwriting skills on this app that uses a virtual chalkboard to help kids practice forming their letters and numbers. Children will first trace the letter with a wet sponge, then with a dry paper towel and finally with a piece of chalk.
Price – $4.99 – $6.99
Google Play

9. Lola’s Alphabet Train Ages 4 – 7

Perfect for teaching younger children reading and writing skills while improving their vocabulary. Play games like “form a word”, “dragging and dropping” and even a matching memory game. Games get more challenging as your child’s skills increase.
Price – free version and paid for $1.99
Google Play

Screenshot courtesy freenew.net

10. Toontastic Ages 6 to 8

Kids love using their imaginations, and with this app they can create their own cartoons with this innovative app. Each story your child creates can contain narration and music, plus once it is complete, they can share it (anonymously) online or with family! The app will guide your child through a step-by-step process of creating five scenes that use the elements found in all good stories: setup, conflict, challenge, climax and resolution.
Price – free

Alaina Bullock

Alaina Bullock currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education from Auburn University, and has a love for writing and reading. She is also the author of Bullock's Buzz, a Lifestyle blog. Feel free to follow Alaina on:
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  • Amazing list I have 2 pre-scholars apps in my tablet for my nephews, I would love to have more but testing and trying is annoying and the fact you have to play before test it makes me dread to look for more

  • These are amazing apps for children. The apps all have great learning techniques so children don’t even know there are actually learning in a way. I rally like the Coin Catcher because it shows them the difference between need and what. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Alaina, those are all Great APPS! Your readers may also like the 3 Free APPS offered by the NEON TIKI TRIBE too. Each APP is based on a real life educational lesson like: Honesty, Bullying, Environment, Perseverance, Stranger Danger & Sportsmanship (All 6 of these are Mom’s Choice Awards too.)Some of these APPs are in Spanish and Dutch too.

    To get the FREE Apps just search NEON TIKI TRIBE in the APP stores or go to Neon Tiki Tribe to get the free versions for you laptops and personal computers.

    PS these are the ONLY dyslexic friendly apps in all of ITUNES.

    Take Care and have Fun

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Alaina Bullock

Alaina Bullock currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education from Auburn University, and has a love for writing and reading. She is also the author of Bullock's Buzz, a Lifestyle blog. Feel free to follow Alaina on:
Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google +