How great would it be to wake up daily and not have to worry about when you’ll get the money to pay this bill or how you’re going to pay off your debts?

There is no secret that our economy needs help. Many families are struggling to survive, but 10 women have become experts at saving and spending wisely so that their families can live as comfortably as possible. Read their amazing stories and find out how they have worked to gain the financial freedom they deserve.  You will be inspired and most likely more conscious about your spending habits once you get a peek into these fantastic blogs!


Qpon-Junkie-ReneevoiceBoks congratulates Renee, the creator of Qpon Junkie for being voted first place by viewers and supporters in the Money Saving Blogs category for 2013.

Renee is an experienced accountant, so she definitely knows how to handle her money.  Visit her blog as she shares tips and pointers on getting necessities (as well as some of the things you want) for absolutely FREE!

Renee’s blog is one of the most organized, easy to navigate coupon blogs there is. Please visit her blog for daily deals and easy to understand posts about coupons and things you can get at bargain prices!

Our 3 Favorite Qpon Junkie Posts Are:

I Am A Motivator… So Are You!

Can You Believe It? I Finally Won Something

Father Knows Best…On Father’s Day

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Kathy Spencer has a wonderfully unique, blog called How to Shop for Free. With Kathy Spencer  Yes, the title is quite attractive, isn’t it? Just wait until you get to her blog and find out exactly what her secrets are.

How to Shop FOR FREE with Kathy Spencer is a one stop shop for Money Savers who are looking for the most current Coupon Database, Printable Coupons,  Insert Schedules, and much more!

Our 3 Favorite Things on How to Shop for Free Are:

Coupon Lingo

The logic behind Shaw’s Competitor coupon campaign

Coupon Database

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Budget-Diet-Kristl-Story-ProfileThe budget diet is a “diet for your wallet, not your waistline!” Kristl Story, owner and creator of this wonderful blog provides readers with a wide variety of tips on just about anything you’re looking for from baby necessities, to books, electronics, and so much more!
Our 3 Favorite Posts from The Budget Diet Are:

Organize My Life

Cut your spending by $11 a day and SAVE $4000 a Year!

Top 5 Frugal Living Tips

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Simple-Savings-QuidaQuida understands what it’s like for new Couponers and the struggles they are most likely to face as they move along in their journey.  So she has made her blog completely idiot proof so that anyone, from beginners to even the most experienced saver can benefit.

Our 2 Favorite Posts from Simple Savings for Atlanta Moms Are:

Coupon 101

Finance Tips

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TheFrugalFairyWith more than 11 years of couponing experience, Nicole shares the latest and best deals, including awesome giveaways from some of her favorite products and places!  In addition, she shares other favorite things she loves, like mixing it lovely recipes and creating great DIY projects!


Our 3 Favorite Posts from The Frugal Fairy Are:

Dollar Store Decorating Idea

A round up of clever ideas to make life easier

No Pasta Italian Wedding Soup

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Chrystie Vachon is an extreme couponer and has even been on TLC’s popular show, Extreme Couponing. With her techniques and obsession over saving money, she has managed to gather a stockpile worth at least $10K. Her lovely blog soars with the help of many writers who share deals from all over the United States.


Our 2 Favorite Posts from I Love to Gossip Are:

10 Things You Can Do Today to Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

4 Ways to Occupy Your Children While Working From Home

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Kim doesn’t just blog to help herself out. She does it with the intention to help others. When you’ve got great things happening in your life, you want to spread it and make others happy too.

Kim’s job as an accounting office manger has helped her understand the value of money and the simple strategies that can help others be financially fit to succeed, especially in a struggling economy.


Our 3 Favorite Posts from Capri’s Coupons Are:

Coupons: The 9 Types

Couponing Tips

Best Places to Find Coupons

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Kathleen is a single mom of an 8 year old daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With that, she is fully motivated to do everything she can to save whatever she can. Throughout her blog, she shares the latest and best deals with her followers. From giveaways to coupons, great products, and much more!


Our Favorite Post from Just the Two of Us and Deals is:

10 Steps to Successfully Potty Train

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Since Shannon lost her job in 2009, she has learned what it means to be frugal. She has become skilled in couponing, but doesn’t stock pile just to have things. She helps those she can whenever she has the extra she doesn’t need. She also loves doing product reviews and giveaways, but most of all, spending time with her family whenever possible.


Our 3 Favorite Posts from Coupon Savings in the South Are:

Tips for a Clean Home

Fun Activity To Do With Your Kids

Decluttering Your Home

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With over 222K Facebook followers, this young Military mom went from being buried in debt to enjoying her financial freedom. She creatively went from having just her close friends and family as her audience to expanding into an incredibly attractive network.

Our Favorite Posts from Hip 2 Save Are:

Coupon Basics

Coupon Jargon

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