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10 Most Influential Mompreneurs of 2013

Marketing is now more competitive than ever with the plethora of resources available online. Moms in business are very well respected for the work they produce as well as the steps they take to become successful. The following is a list of highly successful moms who prove their effective skills of influence through social media interactions. Their products and services are fantastic and the number of votes gained in a short period proves it! Can any of their businesses help you?


This year’s Mompreneur Wall of Famer and first place winner goes to Carrie Raab, owner and creator of Young Living Oil Lady. Carris is a Christian, homeschooling mom who has spent a major part of her life learning all there is about healthy living. Now she has an opportunity to share it through her business called Young Living Every Day Oil. It is …


What do some of Carrie’s supporters say?

“You teach, empower, and inspire many people daily- including me!! Thank you for being so awesome!”

“Carrie ROX! I’m proud to call her a colleague AND FRIEND.”

“My vote is for Carrie of Youngliving oil lady, her blogs are really useful,
it gives more info for healthy Living , “HEALTH IS WEALTH””

Our 3 Favorite Young Living Oil Lady Posts Are:

One Step Night Treatment

Does Your Toothpaste Have a Warning Label?

My First Experience With Essential Oils

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Karen Dawkins is the traveling mom, who blogs at Family Travels on a Budget. She is blessed to do what she loves most – see all the beautiful places and cultures around the globe.  In her blog, she shares as many tips to make family travel as easy as possible. Her “Staycation in a Box” includes an organized plan towards your perfect vacation at a price you can afford. Each one is customized according to your needs and even some of your “wants.”

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Family Travels on a Budget:

How to Become a Travel Writer

How to: Travel Bathroom Organization

6 Tips to Save on Hotels this Summer

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Lisa Mason knows her stuff! She has been an experienced writer since the age of 16. She helps small businesses and entrepreneurs with their online marketing. She is a social media manager, a consultant, content developer, and whatever else comes with having your business succeed online.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Social Media Satisfied:

Sharing Blog Posts: The Difference in Marketing and Spam

How to Deal with Negative Comments on Social Media

Understanding Social Media Hashtags and Using them Correctly

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Lilach is the proud owner of Socialable, one of the hottest social media blogs in the UK. Her amazing and insightful blog has been around since the beginning of the Social Media Era. It is a haven for social media professionals and a great tool for those who are looking for the newest, hottest, and most helpful social media tips around.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Socialable:

What makes an entrepreneur successful?

Why You Must Add Appropriate Visual Content To Your Website

3 tips for branded content in the social realm

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Elisa Hirsch is the mother of 4 children, which doesn’t stop her from her mission to helping good writers become successful authors. She blogs at The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom, but is the mastermind behind Wayman Publishing, the small press that was founded in February 2011. In just a short time, they have published more than 25 books, along with 7 in audio format.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom:

How to Start a Successful Business on eBay

No One is Perfect. Not Even Superman.

How NOT to get out of speeding tickets

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Kelli Nelson is the mother of 2, an advocate for underprivileged children, and the owner of Sweetness of Life & Motherhood. Kelli is also a member of a group, called Global Team of 200, which is focused on spreading the word about pressing global issues, hunger, maternal health, and issues that involve children.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Sweetness of Life and Motherhood:

Keeping Families Safe

Empower A Girl And She’ll Change The World

Reflecting on Mom Imperfectionism Again

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Allisa Circle is a busy mom of 2, who blogs regularly at Rags to Stitches, while she successfully balances her business at Pollinate Media Group, a network that helps companies find an easier way to connect their brand(s) with the online media.

Our 2 Favorite Posts from Pollinate Media Group:

Writing an Authentic Post for a Brand

Summer’s Goals for 2013

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Ronae Jull is a motivated, educated, life coach who loves helping others bring joy, health, and wealth into their lives. She blogs at HOPE Coaching with Ronae Jullc, where she shares many of her insights.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from HOPE Coaching with Ronae Jull:

There’s a Rat in My House

Limits of the Law (of Attraction)

How to Create Success in Three Simple Steps

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Katherine loves to pass hugs around, which makes whatever it is she’s got going on in her life, even sweeter, and perhaps more difficult to say “no” to. She is a designer of wedding keepsakes and other beautiful, crafty, memorable things. Her online boutique called Keepsakes By Katherine showcases her talent and reason for being featured in an issue of Wedding magazine.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Katherine’s Corner:

Our Granddaughter, Stop Bullying Words Do Hurt

What Time Is It

I Am Doing the Happy Dance

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Khloe Gadson’s passion for interior design began in 2007. Last year, Touched by KG Style Designs was born and her dreams of owning her own became reality.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from KG Style Designs:

Easy Summer Party Ideas

Easy Decor for Outdoor Spaces

Event Designer vs. Event Planners

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