Moms! Wives! Do you ever wonder what your husband or significant other is going through with their parenting scenarios? What goes on in their heads? Husbands have a tendency to keep their mouths shut, because they just don’t want to start an argument or any sort of household wars.

We read a lot of blogs written by moms. If you’re a mom, you could easily relate, but what about the dads? Here are 10 amazing dad blogs with their own characteristics and different personalities. We have dads who aren’t afraid to express their soft side, there are funny dads, adventurous dads, articulate dads, and dads who just want us to know their side of life!


WritingPadDadProfileOur #1 dad blog for 2013 is written by Justin Knight, a onesie dad from Southern California. His blog, called Writing Pad Dad, is thought provoking and often times quite funny. You will get absolutely stuck reading blog post after blog post at Writing Pad Dad. Justin LOVES his family, is proud to be married to his lovely wife, and just the all around, helpful, super dad!

Justin has had a lot of experience with small children. He’s been a school teacher for over 15 years and have taught kids from grades 3 to 6. So if you need a man’s point of view about kids, he’s definitely one to ask!

Here are 3 favorite posts that could help you understand why we love this dad’s blog:

N.I.C.U. Daddy

Do I Get A Medal For This?

I Choked My Wife To Get Her Attention

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It was Kenny Bodanis who convinced voiceBoks to expand its interests into the community of parents. Having once been just a network of moms, he opened our minds and our hearts to the lovely stories and memories dads have with their children.

Kenny is a weekly radio columnist on the Ric & Suzanne show in Canada. He is slowly, but surely making his mark as the articulate, funny, and well-rounded dad blogger in Montreal and around the blogosphere. Being voted #2 around the world confirms that his blog is definitely one to follow in 2013!

Our 3 Favorite Posts on Men Get Pregnant Too:

No, Men Don’t Get Pregnant, Too. But Some of the Symptoms Are There.

Boys WILL Be Boys, Because We WANT Them to Be

Parents, It’s Never Too Late for a PhD! (Unless It’s After 8pm.)

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stephenlitelprofileStephen is the ultimate dad. He is a divorced, retired sports writer who makes every moment with his children worthwhile. He is a loving dad of a little boy who was diagnosed with autism and a precious little girl who would rather be helpful than be just a “little girl.”

Stephen is a “thinker” and hasn’t been much of a “do-er.” He’s making efforts to start new adventures and pushing himself to do things he’s never done before. His blog will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and explore possibilities you never have before.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Stephen Says Are:

Life Without A Cell Phone: An Experiment

Stop Categorizing Each Other

A beginning and an end.

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AskaGreatDadProfileA characteristic that many good blogs have is its originality.  Many parent bloggers can be a bit cautious about the things they say or write about on their blogs. Robert wants people to get a glimpse of parenting without all the editing that goes behind it.

At Ask a Great Dad, What You See Is What You Get, but you also get a lot of harsh reality stories. Don’t shake your head because this dad says the things we might be thinking but couldn’t get ourselves to write about.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Ask a Great Dad Are:

How Much Do You Influence Your Child’s Interest in Sports?

How Does Your Child Love, Sleep, & Play?

Are Your Children Afraid of The Dentist?

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This dad does not mind talking about his “soft” side.  His adventures as a new parent really brings out the fuzzy, soft feelings that men normally don’t take about.

Dad Down Under is about the hobbies of a stay-at-home dad. You might read a few posts about food, fashion, and travel with bits of what it’s like to experience all these wonderful things whole having kids around.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Dad Down Under Are:

How to Make a Manwich

Finding Your Single Motivation to Run

The Importance of Being Me

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That SpencerBloke is a blog that many men might be able to relate to as it gets into the “truth” about life.

During the gathering of the Top 10, Spence from That Spencer Bloke earned his rightful spot to be on this list. His blog is temporarily down. However, go ahead and get social with That Spencer Bloke HERE.






A good laugh is a great cure for downers.  Man in his pyjamas will get you laughing until you cry and help you temporarily forget about your problems.


Our 3 Favorite Posts from Man in his pyjamas Are:

Dirty secrets unearthed

Things you may not know…unusual facts(ish)

Domestic appliance violence

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Jeff, the owner and creator of CrazyDadLife provides dads and parents in general, great tools to get their lives organized so that they can enjoy more of life.  Many parents can reach all day “dropping off” and “picking up” stage with their kids so that time just flies. When this happens you know that you really don’t have much run for anything else, including yourself.

Jeff’s blog is filled with answers to questions that many parents have and may not have time to find answers to. Just check out a few and you will most likely find yourself saying, “oh yes! I can relate!”

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Just the Two of Us and Deals is:

Could Your Kid be the Next Internet Mogul?

Your Kid Might Be an Athlete If…10 Ways to Tell

Have You Failed to Prepare Your Child for the Real World?

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FromaDaddy has done his research on different parenting activities. Most of the information are written by moms, but there aren’t too many he’s found written by dads. Paul Wandason’s FromaDaddy blog is an easily navigational resource for dads. He writes posts based on his own experience from bottle feeding care to preparing your children for the arrival of their new sibling and more!

Our 3 Favorite Posts from From a Daddy Are:

What do Dads really want?

Don’t be a Dud, be The Dad!

Two’s a crowd? Preparing our children for a new arrival

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Sean Buvala is a trainer and coach in corporate storytelling. With his experience in storytelling, shows other dads how to convey important life lessons to their children in the most effective way possible ~ by telling a story.

Our Favorite Posts from DaddyTeller Are:

Do I Need to Act Crazy to Tell Bedtime Kids’ Stories?

Connecting Dads to the Literacy Process

Fatherhood: 7 Cheap or Inexpensive Ways to Spend Time with Your Little Kid

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