Birthday parties can be rather expensive and without a strict budget you can easily blow several hundred dollars on your child’s birthday. As a mom, I have learned how to have a child’s birthday for less than $50 dollars.  

Tips on How to Have a Themed Party Without Breaking the Bank

Over the last several weeks, my youngest son has been talking about his birthday and he told me he wanted a “Frozen” themed birthday party. I procrastinated and waited until the last week to get the supplies I needed. In fact, when I went to the store to pick our decorations and his cake we were looking for “Frozen” themed birthday decor and accessories. As I was browsing the selection at the store, I quickly noticed a huge price difference in the cost of plates, napkins, and cups for each theme.

Here are tips on how to save money on your child’s themed birthday party:

  1. Frozen-Birthday-On-a-BudgetBuy several different colors of plates, napkins, and cups in solid colors. By doing this you will save quite a bit of money. For example, you can buy 8 “Frozen” themed plates for around $3.00 a package but you can pick up 24 plates in a solid color around a $1.00 a package depending on where you buy them.
  2. Buy white or clear plastic utensils instead of buying a specialty color. You can use any extra items in your lunch or save them for future events.
  3. Skip the party hats. They break easily and most kids don’t want to wear them.
  4. Opt for non-traditional party favors for the guests. For example, you can go to dollar tree and pick up coloring books, word search puzzle books, flash cards, or something else useful for the guests. You can actually skip these all together, there is not a rule stating that you have to offer party favors for your guests. You can also find some great ideas on Pinterest too.
  5. Schedule the party between lunch and dinner to avoid paying to feed your guests. I usually schedule the party between, 2pm to 4pm so that I am only responsible for providing cake or cupcakes and ice cream.
  6. Order cupcakes instead of a cake. They are easier to make and you won’t have a ton of  leftover cake. You can order them in several different flavors and can even have them custom made. I was going to order a cake for my son’s birthday but he didn’t like the design, plus it was designed for girls. The cupcakes either come with themed rings on top. In this case the cupcakes, offered all of the Frozen characters from the movie so it made it more fitting for a boy.
  7. Buy several different types of 2 liter sodas for the adults or juice for the kids.
  8. Make your own decorations. For example, I plan on making several snowflakes using white paper to stick on the streamers. There are plenty of ideas floating around Pinterest.
  9. Have the party at your house, family members house, or at the park. If you plan on having your child’s birthday party at the park, you will need to check with the local parks department to determine if you need to make reservations to use their facilities. This will guarantee that you will have a designated spot for your party.
  10. Stick to inviting a few close friends; instead, of inviting your child’s entire daycare class or class from school.
  11. Make DIY party invitations. Search the internet for free templates to create custom made party invitations.
  12. Go to a Dollar Store for your balloons. You can purchase Mylar and traditional balloons for a fraction of the cost.

Having a themed birthday party for your child doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I hope my tips are helpful so your child can have the birthday he or she will always remember.