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25 of the Most Fabulous Dad Bloggers of 2018

It takes a lot to be a dad. It’s their presence and drive to be the best dads ever that make them truly special. Some are funny, understanding, protective, caring and all around great. All for the ultimate goal of raising the best little people they could.

All of these blogs were personally selected by voiceBoks admins for their ability to inspire, motivate, and show the dedication necessary to run a proper blog. Each one speaks the truth in the hearts and minds of parents everywhere. However, if you feel there are more specific pages we should follow due to their somewhat uncanny sense of humor, please do share them with us here >>

Many dads have even switched places with their spouse to take on the responsibility of being a full-time parent. They’ve gone against the odds and expectations of society by accepting the challenges of staying home to raise their children, giving their spouse the opportunity to be the breadwinner.

There are also dads who work full-time, but it doesn’t stop them from being the awesome dads their kids are lucky to have! The following are 25 bloggers who take on the role of being the best dads they could possibly be:

  1. DADult Life
  2. best dad blogger 2018Zen is a fairly new dad, which makes him a lot more exciting to follow. He shares the wild life of being a new parent. He began his blog journey when his wife was still pregnant and now his daughter is just a little over a year old. From the joys of baby brain to all the mysteries that come with growth spurts, Zen is here to share his dadlife with the world!

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  3. Daddy Realness
  4. top 10 dad blogs 2018This dad is as real as it gets. He started his blog not really knowing what his true focus was but he spoke from the heart. His posts aren’t flowery and bright like most blogs are. They’re just real. Real life stuff that REALLY does happen and not just all the good things you see everywhere else. His blog makes you want to keep on reading because you know he writes from the heart.

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  5. Dad or Alive
  6. Adrian has 4 children and works really hard at daddying and being a husband to his wife Jen, a full-time TV producer and executive. Although he works really hard at home, taking care of the kids, he also works on some very well-written parenting content at home. In fact, he’s a published author and have even had the opportunity to work with some very well known celebrities, like Adam Sandler and Chelsea Handler. His blog, Dad or Alive was also optioned for TV by Happy Madison and Sony pictures.

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  7. KzooDad
  8. Run by Bryan from Kalamazoo, Michigan, KzooDad is an open testament of his experiences as a dad. There he shares his views on parenthood, marriage, family life, sports and beer!

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  9. Gay NYC Dad
  10. Mitch is a gay NYC dad raising his adopted son since birth, who is now a high school kid, who loves joining in on all the blogging fun! He shares experiences of parenthood, but is also a major contributor to the blogging community with a very significant list of prestigious blogging awards.

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  11. DaddyPoppins.com
  12. dad blog 2018Benny, once an auctioneer, quit his job to watch his children grow up. He didn’t want to miss a thing! His blog is about his own parenting journey with some laughs! Feel like changing your day? Visit his blog and laugh out loud!

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  14. best geeky dadHe loves super heroes, Star Wars, and most things sci-fi. He’s a fun-loving dad who makes fatherhood so much more fun as he shares his passion with his kiddos! Want to know the latest geek news?

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  15. JB of the RoundTable
  16. fatherhood's best 2018There are tons of online communities for moms and women in general. So what about one for men? This dad is the founder of Dads RoundTable, where he shares his views and thoughts of the world through the lens of fatherhood.

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  17. Go Fatherhood
  18. Dave Taylor best dad bloggerWith three kids, this single dad shares his stories about life, parenthood, his ex and so much more! It can be difficult to co-parent and help your children grow up to be the best people they could be when you’re divorced. There obvious struggles and discipline issues that come to play. This dad is helpful in sharing his experiences. And he’s certainly very welcoming to questions, remarks, comments, and your own experiences you’d like to share.

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  19. The Stented Papa
  20. Ross was diagnosed with heart disease at age 37. After having 4 stents inserted in his heart, he and his wife made the decision to have him stay at home so he could watch his daughters grow up. In his blog, he shares his own parenthood journey.

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  21. Attempting to Dad
  22. Mark is a young dad and just like many bloggers, he’s chronicling his journey through parenthood so he can look back at all the wonderful moments he shared with his family. What sets him apart from others is that he’s not afraid to share even his most vulnerable moments.

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  23. My Sons Father
  24. This dad talks about a lot of truth in the funniest way possible. He calls himself a part-time vegan, a nomad, a lucky husband and a dad. He’s got a mix of thought-provoking, inspiring, humorous and fun-loving posts on his blog. Overall, it’s unique and worth reading! Promise!

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  25. DADVWORLD.com
  26. David documents his life through his blog, but in a world full of things that are happening constantly, he always finds ways to write the honest truth with the power of creativity.

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  27. Blog of Dad
  28. This dad writes about anything and everything interesting he comes across, from delicious food to traveling, sharing great products and more … his blog is packed full of random things about life and parenting!

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  29. Geek Dad
  30. This blog thrives on the wealth of knowledge contributed by other geek and technologically savvy dads. It’s a great place to find out what’s hot and trending in the world of technology. There’s a mixture of information for events, products, entertainment, and so much more! It’s a place to visit for dads with a slightly “geeky nature.”

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  31. ADaddyBlog.com
  32. Michael writes about parenthood from a dad’s perspective. His blog ranges in topics from family travel, entertainment, humor and so much more! A couple of our favorite topics are: Social Media: I Hug Back and Daddy’s Baby Bump – The Ugly Truth.

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  33. Beta Dad Blog
  34. Chris is a husband and dad navigating through parenthood just like all of us. But why is he called “Beta Dad?” There’s no better way to explain it than his own definition:

    If you think about software, for example, the term ‘Beta’ relates to the unfinished version, one of which is often full of glitches, is in testing, has some bugs and so on. This along with the play on the words ‘Better’’ brought me to the name Beta Dad Blog.

    I found this name quite apt, as I and this site (and like everyone else reading) is never the finished article or complete version of what they want to be. We’re’ all still in ‘Beta’ to a degree and all striving to be ‘Better’ in everything we do.

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  36. Adam expresses his passions through his blog, including fun things to do in Chicago, food, culture, family and so many other great topics. If you want to read about more, up to date blog posts from a fun-loving dad, DADDAPALOOZA! is the place to check out!

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  37. Go Fatherhood
  38. With three kids, this single dad shares his stories about life, parenthood, his ex and so much more! It can be difficult to co-parent and help your children grow up to be the best people they could be when you’re divorced. There obvious struggles and discipline issues that come to play. This dad is helpful in sharing his experiences. And he’s certainly very welcoming to questions, remarks, comments, and your own experiences you’d like to share.

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  39. Dads Talking
  40. Dads talking is written by a group of dads who talk about being men and being dads, not always in that order. They raise topics you might normally never say out loud, such as Are My Kids Hurting My Job Prospects? or thought provoking stuff like, What’s Important to Your Kids? Tell Them You Won The Lottery!

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  41. Adventures by Daddy
  42. This dad has a lot of fun! His blog is packed full of entertainment, places he’s traveled and all the joys of what you can do with your whole family. Adventures by Daddy is one man’s journey through life’s adventures. Doesn’t matter where you are, you can always find happiness through every moment.

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  43. Dad of Divas
  44. Chris, a dad who’s worked for more than 18 years in College Administration is trying to take control of his kingdom, while having to raise divas in it. He too, chronicles the challenges of fatherhood. He’s been blogging since 2007 and in his blog, he’s also shared this fun and exciting blogging journey.

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  45. Daddy’s Log
  46. Being a parent is an amazing experience, but it does come costs and sacrifices. After the hard-hit reality of the extreme cost of childcare, Greg and his wife decided it would make a whole lot more sense for one of them to stay home and take care of the children. Greg took on the challenge and is far happier for the chance to be able to see his children grow.

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  47. Out of Depth Dad
  48. Chris is a stay-at-home dad who shares his experiences of being a primary child carer for his little toddler. In one of his blog posts, he talks about superheroes and this is what he had to say;

    “There are hundreds of things that make dads better than superheroes. Being ‘super’ in the eyes of your children is an honour every dad strives to live up to.

    When I ‘grew out’ of superheroes. I gave up some of the magic in my life. I’d thought the transition to being adult, ‘sensible’ and staid was permanent. Yet, I’m glad to say, as a father I’ve seen the alchemy return.

    Keeping the magic of youth alive in our children is the most exciting, enthralling and ultimately heroic quest of all!”

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  49. Daddy and Dad
  50. Jamie and Tom are a gay dad duo, sharing their parenting journey with two boys through adoption. They share the good, the bad, and the challenging experiences of same-sex parenting hoping to help and encourage others who are going through the same.

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  • With Father’s Day coming up this weekend what a great time to showcase some fabulous dad bloggers! I’m always looking for fun new blogs to read, so I appreciate the roundup of some great new options!

  • What a great idea to showcase some of the many fabulous dad bloggers out there. There are so many I want to check out now. Brilliant post.

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  • How awesome it is that this post was dedicated to daddy bloggers! I believe this is just the beginning and that many more will follow because these trailblazing dads started in a field dominated by women. Congratulations to all and may your children and blogs flourish!