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25 of the Funniest Parenting Posts on Facebook

Being a parent is so special. With all the surprises on a daily basis, it’s a wonder we all still find a way to stay sane! Well, for most of us, we do it through laughter. Here are some of the funniest parenting posts that will surely send you laughing because, well … some of them are pretty relatable!

All of these blogs were personally selected by the admins for their ability to naturally make us laugh. Each one speaks the truth in the hearts and minds of parents everywhere. However, if you feel there are more specific pages we should follow due to their somewhat uncanny sense of humor, please do share them with us here >>

  1. If we could all just have the royal treatment
  2. “We just need our own stylist, hair and makeup team and a miracle. 🙌” ~ Samantha Taylor, Walking Outside In Slippers

  3. The archenemies
  4. “These parent enemies can derail a day faster than picking the wrong colored sippy cup.
    What would you add to the list?” ~ Modern Mom Problems

  5. Improvising as a parent
  6. “Adapt and overcome!” ~ HowToBeADad

  7. Feeling like [email protected]!
  8. by Ramblin Mama

  9. When it’s time to tell your kid to unplug
  10. by Parenting Kids and Technology

  11. When you’re just way too busy
  12. by Her View From Home

  13. When kids bring your homework home
  14. by Mommy Needs a Life

  15. When you know your kids are doing alright
  16. by Sometimes Kids are Dicks

  17. Random acts of kindness can start in the morning
  18. “It’s for your benefit. ” ~ Sarcastic Mommy

  19. The money saver
  20. Money saving tip! ~ Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine?

  21. How to maintain a messy house
  22. “Coming from a clean freak living in filth”
    #momlife #parenting #ineedamaid #oraonewaytickettomars ~ Five Oclock Mommy

    how to maintain a messy house

  23. Your expectations as a parent – SHOT!
  24. “Not as inspiring as I’d hoped.” ~ My Momologue

    what parenthood is really like

  25. Before, during and after your hair salon experience
  26. “You know it’s true..” ~ Mommy Wine Time

    messy hair mom

  27. Work that body while you laundry

  28. “If you have a home with stairs, your washer and dryer are in the basement, then you totally feel me on this one!” ~ Mama’s Doody

  29. When your kid tells you something nice
  30. “If I had to guess off hand… ” ~ Dragging Feeties

    funny parent quotes

  31. As long as the kids don’t fight …
  32. “So chill & able to adapt.” ~ The 21st Century SAHM

    funny mom quote

  33. Your guilty pleasure
  34. “😂 Tell me I’m not the only guilty one!” ~ Tree’s Truths about Parenting and Life

    tell your kids to ask their dad

  35. When mom’s taking a while to get to the door
  36. “I usually keep some by the door just in case though.” ~ Frantic Mama

    mom frantic pants

  37. Family … when can’t live with them and can live without them
  38. “May I suggest a good hiding place, a pound of chocolate, and a gallon of wine?” ~ Sammiches & Psych Meds

    parenting quotes

  39. Only at bedtime!
  40. “Let’s get it started…ha.” ~

    funniest quotes by parents

  41. What?
  42. “What.” ~ Julie Burton / Writer

    funny parenting quotes

  43. When you’re late. again.
  44. by The Outnumbered Mother by Amy Hunter

    funniest quotes by parents

  45. Balance in parenthood
  46. “It’s about balance.” ~ As Kate Would Have It

    funny parents

  47. Best of the weekends
  48. by Real American Dadass

    funny parenting posts

  49. Getting the hang of it

  50. by Paige Kellerman, Author-Humorist

How much did you laugh there? How many of these funny parents do you already follow?



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