4 Solutions to Help Your Family Stay Cool This Summer

Many families dread the warm Summer months, especially when it feels like they can’t combat the oppressive heat. Turning the air conditioner to its highest settings is one option, but that isn’t economically feasible for most families. If you would like to beat the heat without breaking the bank, then you might want to consider some of these affordable tips:

stay cool for summer months

Use Your Fans and Windows More Efficiently

No matter how hot it might be outside, there are ways to lower the temperature inside your home by at least a few degrees without even touching your air conditioner. The first thing you may want to do is reverse your ceiling fans so that they are spinning in the counterclockwise direction. This helps create the most air movement in the center of the room.

You also need to experiment with opening and closing various windows throughout your home. This helps get some of that natural, pleasant breeze blowing through.

Stay Hydrated

When you are dehydrated, it will be nearly impossible for your body to effectively regulate its temperature. During a heatwave, you might need to double your water intake just to stay adequately hydrated. Avoid sugary beverages and ones that are diuretics such as iced coffee, iced tea, and alcohol.

Those who are tired of drinking plain ice water can spruce up their refreshments by infusing the water with mint, lemon, lime, rosemary, or berries.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced

There may come a point when you need to turn on your air conditioner for at least a few hours every day, and you want to be sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. Changing the filters and cleaning the outside of the condenser is relatively easy, but you should contact an HVAC contractor, at least once a year for a comprehensive service call. These specialists can help with issues such as topping off fluids, replacing belts, and cleaning the ducts.

According to one of North Carolina’s air conditioning experts, having a clean air conditioning system can help reduce the discomforts of muggy air so you and your family can relax during the hottest of months.

Watch What You Eat

Your temperature will naturally rise and fall throughout the day, and many of those variations are caused by eating. Just minutes after you eat, your body temperature will naturally rise by a few degrees in order to digest the food.

The type of foods you eat will impact your temperature as well, and spicy foods tend to cool us off because they induce perspiration.

Those who continue to feel hot even though the ambient temperature is relatively comfortable should speak with a doctor. A variety of different medical conditions can cause an individual to struggle with their body temperature including hyperthyroidism, menopause, and high cortisol levels.