5 Favorite Fall Crafts for Your Preschooler

September is winding down, and yesterday was the beginning of the new Autumn Season. The days become shorter, the nights become cooler and the leaves begin to pay a colorful tribute to the end of Summer. It’s a season of change, and one that is filled with fun and colorful lessons to teach.

Art is a great way to teach your preschoolers about this new season, and below are 5 of my all-time favorite Fall crafts.


craft and photo via AllKidsNetwork

1. Tissue Paper Leaves

For this craft you will need brown or black construction paper, clear contact paper, tissue paper in fall colors, scissors and a printable leaf template. For the first part, you will need to do all of the cutting. Begin by cutting the leaf template out, then cut out the middle of the leaf and throw it away. You’ll be left with a thin outline of a leaf . Now, trace this leaf ‘outline’ onto black construction paper and cut it out (basically you are creating a frame for the craft). Again, cut out the middle of the leaf. Now take the contact paper and cut out a square that is slightly large than the leaf, peel the backing off and stick your leaf outline onto it. While you are doing this, have your child cut out or tear off small pieces of the different colored tissue paper. Show him how to stick the tissue paper onto the leaf making sure to overlap the pieces. Once the middle is completely filled in, hang it in the window and let the sun shine through!

2. Handprint Trees

This adorable craft is a classic, and a great way to teach about the parts of a tree and what happens to the leaves during the Fall season. You will trace you child’s forearm and hand – with the fingers spread – on a piece of yellow or orange construction paper. The forearm will be the trunk, and the hand the limbs or branches of the tree. Let your child paint the tree trunk and limbs brown. While it dries have her help you tear yellow, red and orange tissue paper into tiny pieces to be used as leaves. Once the tree is dry, she can glue the tissue paper leaves on the limbs, falling from the tree and on the ground.


photo and craft courtesy allkidsnetwork.com

3. Tissue Paper Indian Corn

Another cute Fall craft, this one fits in perfectly with a lesson about the harvest. For this craft you need yellow and green construction paper, and red, orange, yellow and brown tissue paper. Cut out an ear of corn form the yellow construction paper, then add the husk – made from the green paper – on to bottom part of the ear of corn.  Let your child tear small pieces of the colored tissue paper, and then show him how to shape each piece into a tiny ball to make kernels of corn. Now, let him glue the tissue paper corn kernels all over the yellow part of the ear of corn. Simple and fun!

4. Apple Wreath

Gather together some glue, a piece of white construction or other heavy-weight paper, two apples, and red, green and yellow paint. This fun craft can get messy so make sure your child is wearing a smock or old tee-shirt, and cover the table with newspaper. First, cut out a wreath shape from the paper. Next, take each apple and cut it in half directly down the middle (cutting from top to bottom, not side to side) so that the star shape made by the seeds is intact. Pour each color of paint into its own bowl, and place one apple half in each color. Show your child how to use the apple to make an apple print on the wreath, then let her finish covering the entire wreath with apple prints. Let dry and hang.

5. Fall Leaf Collage

Grab and coat and get ready to head outside on a Fall leaf scavenger hunt! While walking through the neighborhood gathering colorful leaves take advantage of this time to teach your child a little bit about all of the different types of trees, how some shed their leaves while others do not, how some have acorns other pine cones, and so on. Once you have a pretty assortment of leaves (both in color and type), and maybe even some pine needles and small acorns, head back inside. Have your child sit down with a large piece of paper, glue and his collection of tree leaves and acorns. Now let him glue his collection to the paper and make a colorful Fall collage.