I always like to be really creative with the gifts I give to the special people in my life. Every year, I try to think of something different for everybody. Yesterday, I asked my mom what gifts she’s received from us (her kids) that she’s liked most. We asked her which ones she thought were special enough for her to remember. Here’s a short list that might help if you were looking for a unique gift:
5 lovely gifts for mom

  1. Personalized items
  2. Back in the days, having anything personalized was extra special. When in doubt, I always went to Things Remembered for ideas. They can personalize just about anything and everything for a very reasonable price. Plus, they usually can have it ready for you fairly quickly (usually same day).

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  3. Memorable items
  4. I used to keep all of my pictures on Shutterfly. I’m sure most people have their favorite online gallery that they like to use for storing their photos and buying books, cards, etc. The first time I printed a book with a chronological order of special events that have taken place in our lives, my mom cried. She thought it was the best thing she’d ever gotten. After all, there’s nothing more valuable than memories, right?

    3) Handmade items

    My mom said that even though we bought her a lot of expensive and special things over the years, the handmade stuff we gave her were very special to her. She actually kept most of them. The thought and hard work you put into something for someone has more meaning than store bought items.

    Yes, children’s crafts are always wonderful, but even as adults, we can think of unique and creative things to make. There are countless websites and DIY blogs that can help you come up with great ideas. Etsy and Pinterest are also great website options.

    mother's day gifts

  5. Most favored items
  6. The first three options above give a lot of meaning to the word “gift” and “special,” but I’m sure mom wouldn’t mind receiving something she’s always wanted. Pay attention. Think of something she might have mentioned she wanted or thought about getting. Something that you could probably get her, letting her know you selected her gift thoughtfully.

    When in absolute doubt, I will prepare a basket for her, where I put some of her favorite things in it:

    • her favorite food
    • her favorite smell (include a perfume)
    • her favorite movie
    • her favorite color (maybe buy a shirt with her favorite color on it)

    You get the idea, right?

  7. Quality time
  8. My mom gets so busy that we rarely get to spend time with her. Plus, her kids now have their own lives that time together is just not something that happens too often.

    Anytime I spend with my mom is usually also spent with my dad or someone else. My mom loves quality time. So on special occasions, I like to schedule a good massage for us and get a reservation to her favorite restaurant. It’s almost like a date with just the two of us. Sometimes quality time is the best gift you can give. Again, there are no better gifts than memories.

I hope these gifts give you an idea of what to get for your mom, but surely she’ll most likely love whatever you do give her, because she loves you no matter what.