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6 of the Best Toys That Encourage a Preschooler’s Development

My son just passed his toddler years and have now entered into the preschool stage. He hasn’t graduated from anything quite yet, but he has proven to be in a really good place of his development. That makes me a happy and proud mom.

Preschool years are usually considered to be within the 3 to 5 year age group. This is about the time your little one begins to say his first sentences. Many times it’s got you laughing so hard that you feel it absolutely necessary to tweet.

All the new energy and desire to learn has you thinking about the various ways you can help him enhance his new growth skills. I came up with a list of toys I feel have been the most helpful for my own preschooler.

1) Plasma Car

plasmacarThere are websites that say this is for 2+ ages, but the site itself says 3. My son started whizzing around on this before he turned 2, which tells you just how easy it is for a toddler to learn.

I think this car is perfectly designed. My husband, who is about 200 lbs, was able to ride down the hill with it, which makes it strong enough for an adult, but safe enough for a child.

Benefits: A toy that helps your child improve his riding skills also helps develop his strength and coordination. Having good coordination can be helpful with sports and educational skills, such as writing and art.

2) Adora Dolls

adorabilityThis is one of the best doll companies around and sadly, it is not talked about enough. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and give the company a call. They will assure you that every piece of fabric, thread, and parts used to make their dolls have been carefully selected to make sure they are not only used to produce good quality dolls, but dolls that are very safe for your child. To them, safety comes first.

Each of the designers for their collections are very experienced. Every model and type of doll is created with the inspiration of “spreading love and joy.”

Benefits: Dolls teach children sequencing. One of the beauties with Adora Dolls is that they have dolls for almost every age group. From babies to toddlers, preschoolers, and up. Sequencing is an important developmental skill that we may take for granted, but children learn they must do things in a sequence in order to finish tasks. For example, Adora Dolls’ bath time baby is a great way to teach a child that before a bath, the baby must be undressed, then go into the bath with water, then soaped and washed, dried off, clothed, etc.

3) Gund Curious George

Curious-GeorgeI used to love the Curious George stories. Of course soft toys are a little more difficult to narrow down to just one toy, but our absolute favorite is Curious George with his pajamas on. I actually bought two of these in case my son lost one. He has a special attachment to this stuffed monkey, which worries me when I think we’ve lost it. We call this George, Mr. George.

I’m sure your little one probably already has their own special plush.

Benefits: Did you know that having plush toys can help instill some emotional skills into our children? With their special friend, they can learn to love to be caring, and have a sense of comfort.

4) Casdon Toys Vacuum and Iron

casdon-iron-vacuumWhen it comes to pretend play, we have really not found anything close to looking as similar as the real stuff than the ones Casdon has in their collection. My son, who wants to help mommy and daddy out because it helps him feel like a big boy, always tries to grab onto the real cleaning gear we have because he doesn’t feel the other toys he’s had are very helpful 🙂 . After the Dyson vacuum we got him the iron that looks very similar to the one daddy uses before he travels, he is now able to be like the grown ups!

Benefits: Pretend play encourages creativity and an active imagination. It helps your child exercise their critical thinking skills as well as helps them become more positive and encourages them to become helpful. Children who love being helpful and positive tend to want to be that way throughout their adulthood too.

5) Little Tikes Bowling Set

bowlingSharing is always difficult for toddlers and even preschoolers to understand. My son loves anything with a ball and anything that allows him to have some sort of a goal. This bowling set from Little Tikes is such nice little set for small children as it’s soft enough that nobody gets hurt, but still does it’s job.

Benefits: Sharing is one of the first steps towards understanding the importance of team work. As adults, we know that there are many benefits to this, whether it be in the workplace, at home, in your relationships, and even in social events. Imagine how difficult things would be if you had to do everything on your own, simply because you can’t behave in a team?

6) Busy Books

Busy-BooksMy husband and I think these books are the absolute best! My son loves all sorts of books for little children, don’t get me wrong, but these are his favorites! Not only do they have pages with pictures that tell a story, but they also have small figures that he gets to play with later! If your little one is ready to play with small pieces, then these are great for them! There are a variety of different stories he or she might be familiar with. For example, my son has the Toy Story, Thomas, Cars, Planes, Mickey’s Clubhouse, and Monster’s University books. Every day, we learn to clean them up and if he wants to play with a new one, he has to learn to put the other away first.

Benefits: The small toys in the books can sometimes keep my son entertained for hours! I often hear him loudly making up his own stories with the characters, which I think is also a great way to build his imagination. Good, fun books can be invitations to reading. There are kids that just don’t like to do it, but any way to encourage reading is always a plus!

Lexie Lane

Lexie Lane is the creator of voiceBoks.com, owner of Social Media Panel, and co-author of the book, The Blogger's Survival Guide Tips and Tricks for Parent Bloggers Wordsmiths and Enthusiasts.


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