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College isn’t the same as it was decades ago. Technology is a must if students are expected to excel nowadays. In fact, many class materials are now being offered online. However, some technological requirements can be quite expensive. So to help you out, we’ve written down 6 money saving tips for the high school grad and college bound who needs help with their technological needs!

save money on technology needs for kids

Refurbished Works!

One choice is purchasing refurbished equipment. You might wonder whether this is ok or not, especially when it comes to electronic devices. Consumer Reports only 5 percent of the electronics returned to manufacturers are actually defective.

Buying refurbished means buying like new gadgets for a fraction of the price. To play it safe, however, you might want to try to stick to devices that are verified as having actually been refurbished by the manufacturer.

Trade in Old Technology

Many retailers have programs that allow you to trade in old technology for the newest versions. This is especially the case for smartphones that are continually replaced by new models. If you or your high school grad has an older model of computer, phone or tablet, investigate the possibility of trading it in for a significant discount on the newest model.

Having a new, updated version, can help your child alleviate as many technological problems as possible, especially since updates are often created to fix bugs and improve the user experience. Anything that could help your child use the information they need with less of a headache.

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Investigate and Make Use of Student Discounts

A lot of companies run programs that offer significant discounts to students who wish to purchase technology for use at their college. Microsoft, for example, runs a program with many college campuses that allow students to purchase Microsoft Office applications and Windows operating systems for far less than non-students can.

Find Local IT Support

Local IT support for mobile devices, computers and other electronics are certainly cheaper than having to replace technology. So, before you chuck your tech device, try to do a little homework first and explore some IT support services. You may be able to find this to be a great money saver, especially if you’ve found a company you like. Having the option for IT services can help your device last much longer!

Aim for Utility Instead of High End Electronics

Things like computers, tablets and other mobile devices are priced differently based on their specs and functionality much like cars are. The most expensive computers and devices are designed to run resource intensive video games. However, office applications, internet browsing, etc. do not require the high end specs of more expensive models.

Take Advantage of Financial Aid

Financial aid is made available to help students with the expenses of attending university. If you can’t afford to buy a new computer or mobile device for your college student, use a government website like StudentAid.ed.gov to determine if your child is allowed to use his or her financial aid funds for electronics used for school.

In today’s high tech world, having your own computer or smartphone is mostly likely going to be needed, if not required. If you are on a tight budget, consider using the above tips to provide your child with their tech needs without having to break the bank!