7 Things I’ll Do Differently For My Next Pregnancy


Pregnancy can be a drastically different experience from one woman to the next. Regardless of your situation, it’s definitely a roller coaster of excitement and nerves!

There are people (like myself!) who are sick and medicated until the day they deliver, and then others (whom I cursed every day of my pregnancy!) who say they’ve never felt healthier than when they were with child!


No matter which category you fit into, chances are there will be things you will plan to approach differently the next time if you become pregnant again. For me, I have 7.

These are things that, in hindsight, I feel that if I approached them differently the next time, would make the entire process easier, and healthier.

7 Things I’ll Change During My Next Pregnancy

1) Slow Down!

Next time around, I will definitely slow down a lot sooner, by choice, instead of just when my body forces me to!

For some reason, many of us have this image in our heads of pregnant woman who can take on the world, and deliver with a big fat smile on their face through the entire thing.

We think that if for some reason we slow down, we are “giving in”, or showing that in some way we are not as strong as other women.

This is one idea I would throw right out the window, and I would slow down, enjoy the experience (the good, the bad, and the ugly!), and possibly even improve the nausea and fatigue in the process!

2) Watch My Diet!

It’s very common to go through different phases in nutrition throughout your pregnancy. Who knows what cravings will be thrown at you day after day!

Next time around, I will make a conscious effort to be more aware of the nutritional value of what I’m eating, instead of simply trying to “get my fix”!

On the flip side, I will also remember that because I am making conscious decisions about what I put in my body, to never get frustrated with myself for giving into those cravings when I do.

3) Take The Help!

Again, this comes back to a feeling that accepting help signifies “weakness”…not so!

I was so adamant to do everything on my own, I even refused help in my home after bringing my son home from the hospital…after a C-section!

I had literally just had surgery, and could not bring myself to accept help from others. I’m really not sure at this point what I was trying to prove (looking back, it appears I was showing how foolish I was!), but the next time around I will definitely take any and all help I can get!

4) Stop Going Crazy With The Baby Stuff!

Next time around, I won’t get sucked into all the cutesy “must have” clothes, toys, and devices.

My son has never noticed how much he has, and is just as happy playing with a piece of paper as he is with a children’s kitchen setup!

The extra stuff does nothing but clutter up the house, adding more stress when you need it least!

Simplify, make sure you have the necessities (and lots of them!), and you’ll be all set for your big day!

My doctor put it best when I told her how much stuff I got at my baby shower:

“All you need when you have a baby is two boobs and a car seat…because they won’t let you take them home without a car seat”!

5) Overpack My Hospital Bag

I was worried about packing too much the last time around, this time I’m packing the house!

If ever there is a time where you need to feel comfortable, it’s while giving birth!

Pack anything and everything that will help you through your labor and delivery, and keep in mind it can last an entire day, sometimes longer.

Magazines, mp3 players, your favorite pillow, slippers, hair bands, sleep mask…pack it all!

6) Prepare For Tough Days Ahead

The last thing we wanted to do is spend more money when we were just about to add to our family, so we planned ahead and made “freezer meals” so eating well would be a piece of cake when sleep was no longer in the equation.

I was about to learn that when you are nursing and sleep deprived, even just turning on the oven and getting something out of the freezer can be too much work!

Next time around, I will save $10 a week throughout my pregnancy so that when those more trying days come along, I can order in without feeling sorry for our bank account!

7) I’ll Give In To Maternity Wear Sooner

I wanted to pretend for as long as possible in my first pregnancy that I was still so “cute and petite” that I could still wear my regular clothes…not so much next time!

Now that I know how much more comfortable maternity wear is (and how stylish it can be!) I’ll be hopping in as soon as the bump makes it’s first appearance!

While I missed the boat on a few things the first time around, I am definitely excited to have this hindsight guide me through my next pregnancy, to help me feel stronger, healthier, and more free to enjoy the ride!

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