7 Ways to Help Kids Fall in Love with Reading

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Nurturing your children’s reading habits has many benefits. You want your little ones to love to read, not just because it will help make things easier for them to get through school, but because reading incredibly expands their potential and overall imagination.

7 Tips to Encourage the Love of Reading

If you want to help your kids fall in love with books and reading, but aren’t sure how to go around it, here are seven tips that will be of help.

  1. You Are the Best Example

  2. If there’s one thing you can be certain of, it’s that your children follow closely what you do and then mimic you devotedly. That’s why you shouldn’t just tell your kids to read, you should lead by example.

    To start, try making more of an effort to be an avid reader. Whenever you can, let your kids see you reading a good book and let them see how truly engaged you are with it. As they grow older, talk with them about what you’ve read and share as many interesting details as you can.

    Paint them a picture of the enjoyment you get from reading. Seeing your love of reading will gently nudge your kids to pick up a book themselves and see what’s so great about it.

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  3. Go for Audiobooks

  4. Your kids may or may not be old enough to read effortlessly. However, they can still enjoy the wonders of stories through the availability of audio books. Audiobooks are a great way to immerse imaginations into wonderful new worlds, but in addition to that, they also get to expand their attention and listening skills.

    Listening to books being read in an expressive manner through audiobooks enables kids to read just as well, even if all that articulate reading happens in their head. Audiobooks are excellent little helpers that can replace TV and video games. So, instead of losing themselves in technology, they can listen to good literature and create adventures for themselves.

  5. Read the Books Out Loud

  6. Reading to your children is something you should do for various reasons – it brings you closer to them, they feel safe and loved, and they learn about life from the person closest to them.

    Feel free to read to them as often as possible, not just before bedtime. Time does fly so do your best to set as much spare time as you possibly can for this bonding moment. It will help encourage your kids to read as well as bring about excitement you may surprisingly notice.

    Watch as your kids reach for their favorite book as they take a trip to some other realm full of magic and adventure. The best part is … it’s you who will take them there. Do encourage them to read, but be weary of pressure that might come with it. The idea is to get them to enjoy reading, not to feel pressure when doing so.

  7. Bring Books Closer to Your Little Ones

  8. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your favorite characters come to life, especially when you’re a kid. When you know which books your little ones love the most, you can surprise them by going to the zoo to see the animals from their books live or even go to theme parks. Bringing their imagination to life is always a memorable experience for children and they will cherish it always. You don’t even have to leave the house to do this, just prepare meals that your kids love and decorate them so that they look like their beloved characters, it’s more than enough to wow them.

  9. Movie Follow-Up

  10. This is a great way to bring the protagonists of fairy tales and stories closer to your children. After you’ve read a certain book once (or a couple of times), organize a movie night with the whole family to watch the movie based on the book (if available). This is a wonderful way to spend the added bonus of quality time together, not to mention that your kids will be completely thrilled. Remember to also emphasize that movies are never as good as the books, but there are some that are definitely worth watching.

  11. Talk about What They’ve Read

  12. Whether you’re reading to them or you’re reading together, you should do your best to talk about books with your children whenever the opportunity arises. This improves their understanding of what they’ve read and allows them to think more profoundly about the books and even analyze them better as they grow up.

    Asking them questions, inciting them to express their own opinions and describe how they felt while reading something helps to encourage them to express themselves, while you learn more about your child’s view of the world.

  13. Surround Them with Books

Whatever you surround your children with, they’ll want more of it and this goes for everything, from food to books. If you’re in love with reading, then you’re perfectly aware that there’s no such thing as too many books, and you should go out of your way to have those books all around the house, accessible at all times.

Of course, the books should be adjusted to your children’s age and level of understanding, but make sure there are plenty of them to choose from. Whenever you can, gift books to your children and encourage people coming to your house to do the same, after all, there’s no better present than a good book.

Reading is one of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself and it’s also a very helpful pastime. Teaching your children the importance of reading from an early age can do wonders for their development and will definitely make theirs and your life infinitely more fun.