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9 Romantic and Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

Children are so amazing and become the loves of your life, but can also help you and your husband forget about the reasons you got together in the first place. Bringing romance into your relationship will not only create a good atmosphere in your home, but can encourage a positive and healthy environment for the kids.

Here are some romantic and inexpensive date night ideas that you and your partner can enjoy:


1. Have a Picnic

Nothing says romance like quality time on your own. Having a nice picnic with perhaps some wine, your favorite sandwich or whatever you like to eat, is always a great way to spend a nice afternoon with your partner.

2. Go on a Hike

Hiking is a great activity to getting nature involved. Being in the midst of nature and remembering to appreciate the little things will help you reminisce on the small things about your relationship too.

3. Candlelight dinner

Candlelight dinners are a given. It’s intimate and will help you and your partner focus more on each other.

4. Soft Light Movie

Cuddle up in a nice embrace with a soft lit (or maybe no light at all) movie and just let date night take you to whatever level comes next.

5. Go to a Drive-In

You might have to really search for this one, but if you haven’t done this (or never have), it’s a great experience that you and your partner can always remember. You can pretend you’re in the 50’s and have as much fun as you can with it!

6. Cook a 4 Course Meal Together

Exploring different flavors with cooking is a great way to spend your quality time together. You can talk and really get involved into making something delicious, while having fun!

7. Go Out for an After Dinner Drink or Dessert

Pick a nice restaurant and just hang out for some dessert. Talk and catch up on the things you really want or need to talk about.

8. Play a Board Game

Board games are a great way to remind one another just how much fun you can both have.

9. Draw a Candlelight Bath

Get even closer with a nice bath and candlelight. It’s your opportunity to be completely there for one another!

Lexie Lane

Lexie Lane is the creator of voiceBoks.com, owner of Social Media Panel, and co-author of the book, The Blogger's Survival Guide Tips and Tricks for Parent Bloggers Wordsmiths and Enthusiasts.


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    • ‘I can’t understand how the kids can go hungry with the amount given to each family member for food through food stamps.’Well, if you read the first comment, you can sort of see it. One of the reasons people are poor in the first place is that they don’t manage their money well. Get your food stamp money, buy expensive ice cream and $15 per pound steaks… oh look the money and food ran out a week before the government refilled the card.Reply

  • Great list! Budget friendly and time considerate too. I wish I had thought of the go out for dessert idea when my kids were little. I could have hired a teen to come over for an hour or two after the kids were in bed, enjoyed some budget-friendlly dessert with my man, and come home rejuvenated.

    Parents of little ones, think outside the box. We are rebuilding our dating life now that the kids are big, and it’s hard! We love each other, but we sure are working to reconnect as a couple. We both wish we had made dating more of a priority back then.

  • cute list. we’ve done all of these EXCEPT I can’t get him interested in board games even though I LOVE them. maybe I’ll show him this list and push ’em more 🙂

  • Great Ideas! I know having children does take time from spending quality time with just your spouse & it’s good to be able to have a date night one in a while.

  • Great tips. When I was married ,my husband and I used to do fun things all the time. It is so important to spend quality time together. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great list and a wonderful reminder to get some quality time together. We do most except for the hike part because it is 50 degrees outside. and it’s going to be like this for the next 5 months

  • I need to find a husband to ignore first…lol. I however have the kid part down guess i could alway apply this to time I need to spend reconnecting with myself. Great tips.

  • Great ideas! I love playing board games (we have all-out Sorry tournaments)! Drive-ins are fading out, and we are lucky to have two located relatively close to us. We also enjoy going out for a late-night drink or dessert too…and the Melting Pot has a happy hour during the week in the afternoon/evening with $5 chocolate fondues…we love going there too.