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Hiya! Yes, that’s me on the left, in a nutshell, trying to capture what I can!

I’m a mom of one little boy. So you could say that I’m learning as I go through every stage! It’s all exciting, sometimes overwhelming, but mostly fun-loving! I love being a mom more than anything in the world, but I must admit that it can be trying and very challenging at times. He makes my world go round, but I can honestly say (with a whole lot of guilt) that I never mind having time for myself!

Just like most moms, I feel as if my son is growing up too fast! So I’m a full-blown stay-at-home mom who is determined not to miss a thing!

I’m an average mom, trying to get the most out of this thing called parenthood. I’m nobody special, but to my little boy, I’m the most amazing person in the world. So I would like to be that for as long as I could possibly be … or at least until he’s old enough to know better!

What’s voiceBoks® all about?

voiceBoks® is my other baby and has been so for at least 9 years now. It started as a community of bloggers in 2009 until I decided to turn it into a simple, clean, online area for parents to read posts from other parents and experts who have first-hand experiences in a true blue family environment with kids! Now I, along with these special parent contributors post our genuine thoughts about parenthood, everyday experiences and just a few of our favorite things!

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Would you like to be a voiceBoks® contributor?

On voiceBoks.com, you will find tons of posts written by me, but if you’re a parent and have something truly interesting to share, we are also open to your contributing posts as well!

Once we receive the above information from you, we will also ask for the following:

  1. a short paragraph about YOU
  2. at least 2 profile images (no blog logos please)
  3. links to your social profiles and/or blog

Post approval requirements

Please note that we are better able to speed up the status of your submitted posts when the following guidelines are met:

  • post must be original (never published elsewhere)
  • post must have a minimum of 500 words
  • must include at least 2 of your own images
  • may include a maximum of 5 relevant keywords
  • outbound links MUST be limited to 2 and MUST be relevant to post
  • paragraphs have no more than 4 sentences each
  • sentences must not exceed 20 words

Thank you and we always look forward to hearing and/or getting to know you!

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