Having a toddler around the house can be a challenge but also a wonderful bounty. By this age, a child usually becomes potty trained, starts uttering words and develops characteristics that make them see the world with a completely different perspective.

Among the many needs of a toddler, fitness ranks high on the list. Starting your little ones out young can prevent obesity and make them socially confident as they go to school.


Animal Yoga Poses

Yoga is a great after school activity for toddlers because it can help them focus while improving their flexibility. Here are some key components to take into consideration.

  • Keep the session 30 minutes or less. Toddlers have a short attention span and will get distracted easily.
  • Make the poses easy to follow.
  • Put things in a language they understand. Refer to animals like dog, cat and cow when you do corresponding poses. Even ask them what sounds these animals make to get them engaged. It will also be more enjoyable for them.

Go to a Playground

What’s not to love about a playground? They are the staples of fitness fun. Here are some activities you can have your toddler do while you act as their assistant.

  • Guide them up the steps on a slide and race them back to the bottom of the steps each time they come down.
  • Play tag with them.
  • Throw and kick a ball back and forth with them.
  • Have a crawling competition.
  • Teach them new exercise skills on the monkey bars and ground like pull-ups, push-ups, leap frogs and moving from one rung to another. Make sure to spot them the whole time they are on the bars.

Get Wet

Kids love to be in the water. Here are a few activities you can do that are fun and will get your toddler some exercise.

  • Walk them back and forth through the shallow end of a pool.
  • Sign them up for swim lessons.
  • Put them in a child-safe inner tube and have them kick their legs and follow you through the water.
  • Take them to a near by splash park.

Winter Activities

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean your toddler has to miss out on after school fun. Bundle them up and head outdoors, and try some of these activities.

  • Ice skating
  • Sleigh riding
  • Skiing
  • Building a snowman
  • Rolling down a hill and crawling back to the top.

Join a Mommy Exercise Group

After school group classes geared toward moms have become very popular. These allow you to bring your kids with you and exercise with them right by your side. In some cases, they are active participants as well. This is a great place to meet other moms and toddlers and set up new play dates.

A Word About YOUR Fitness

Playing with a toddler takes a lot of work. If you have a piece of home gym equipment like a treadmill, you can improve your own stamina and energy. This way you both can stay in shape and you will be able to keep up with their physical demands.

Don’t let age be a factor when it comes to your toddler’s activity level. They naturally have a lot of energy to start with so use it to your and their advantage. After a long day of physical activity, you’re guaranteed to see them get a good nights rest, too.