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Antics of Kids Who Are Bored

My friends often lament about the frustration of dealing with their children’s boredom during school vacation. I try to be sympathetic, but I really don’t understand it.


My kids aren’t bored.

My oldest daughter isn’t bored, because she’s been busy coloring her hair with purple Kool Aid. She‘s determined that Kool Aid is an excellent, non-toxic dye. It sticks to, and permanently stains, anything it touches, including the new bathroom rug and matching shower curtain, the freshly painted bathroom walls, the white bathroom countertop and cabinet, the wood floor in the hall, her bedroom ceiling fan, the desk in my office, and one of her guinea pigs.

In fact, the only thing the purple Kool Aid didn’t color was her hair.

One of my children is not bored, because he or she (no one has yet taken credit for this anti-boredom activity), figured out how to, perhaps in honor of the upcoming Independence Day festivities, produce an impressive fireworks display, using only a ball of aluminum foil, a magic marker, and our brand new microwave oven.

He or she also figured out how to fill the entire house with toxic smoke, how to keep the local firefighters from being bored, and how to destroy a brand new microwave oven.

My two youngest sons aren’t bored, because they’ve been busy proving I was wrong, and testing the Law of Gravity. They determined that they could, in fact, get a bike up into their treehouse, even though I said that I didn’t think that was possible. And, they reconfirmed the overwhelming, unbending Law of Gravity by attempting to ride said bicycle down the slide from their treehouse and into the wading pool.

They did, however, find that the Law of Gravity prevented them from splashing down into the wading pool, and instead had them land in the emergency room, where one of them got 7 stitches in a very personal place.

My youngest daughter isn’t bored, because she’s been busy combing through the shrubs around our house for lizards. She’s also discovered that if she brings in one of her new found reptile buddies, and drops it on my desk when I’m not paying attention, I’ll be quite startled, and to have to put more than enough dollar bills into the swear jar for all of my children, and most of their friends, to get an ice cream from the ice cream man every time he rolls by this week.

Our 5 year old isn’t bored, because he is currently spending every waking hour perfecting his Hide-n-Seek game. It’s with great pleasure and pride that I’ll be able to tell his kindergarten teacher that he has, in fact, developed his fine motor skills to such an extent that operating scissors is no longer a problem.

The eye holes he cut in the curtains of every room of our house so that he could see out while hiding behind them, however, is a problem.

One of my daughters is not bored, because she’s been very busy “re-styling” our dog. Our big, male Labrador is currently sporting dangly pearl earrings (which I was relieved to find are clip-ons), a coordinating 3-strand pearl necklace, a pink bow above each of his floppy ears, and bright purple nail polish on most of his toenails.

I wondered if it would’ve made more sense to paint our girl dog’s toenails.

I was wondering why I thought it made sense to paint any dog’s toenails when my daughter commented that our nearly white, now stylish, Labrador would look just like a zebra if he had black stripes.

As she ran off, followed closely by our now extra-stylish dog, a wave of panic swept over me. I hollered after her:

“Please, don’t paint the dog!”

I wish my kids were bored.


Gina Valley is a humorist, who lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband & their 7 children, who provide her with more inspiration than she needs for her blog Gina Valley – The Glamorous Life Of The Modern Day Soccer Mom. She finds humor in parenting her pack, navigating life, & trying to show up anywhere on time. She loves to cook, if someone puts the ingredients in those little glass bowls, & spends much of her time carpooling and inventing new curse words (at the same time!). If she’s out of chocolate, run and hide! Gina’s work appears widely on the web.
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  • this is historical. I hope you keep a bottle of wine in the house at all times. I do believe in the end your kids will benefit from all this time they are not glued to screens (even if your home decor suffers).

    • I think you’re right, Eli, and I hope it’s the first option! I’m glad you stopped by. Always fun to bump into you.

      I’m considering having him cut more holes in the drapes so it will look like some fancy, designer pattern. I think that, coupled with the more recent Sharpie designs someone added, could start a new trend in home decor.

  • HaHaHA — I had the same experience with RED Kool-Aid and it looked like we were recreating a CSI murder scene!

    GOSH I hope NONE of my kids great creative enough to mix foil,markers and microwave!!!


    • Thank you, Pamela! So happy to share some laughs with you!
      And, oh my gosh! Red would have been so much worse! That must have been such a mess.

      I recommend you hide the markers and foil until school resumes, just to be on the safe side. ;o)

  • Creativity is a good thing. And my kids loved HidenSeek games even when they got older. That always made me laugh, but hey, whatever! 🙂

  • Ha, this was a great read. Like you, I wish the grands were bored. They haven’t started coloring their hair with kool-aid yet but those days are coming with the grand daughters. If they had a tree house, I’m sure they’d find a way to get their bikes up and into it. Might be why they don’t have a tree house, lol.

  • What a great article – and I had a smile on my face reading it. Kids tend to get the summer blahs and keeping active is key.

    • I think the next time I buy a shower curtain or bathroom rug I’m going to get black, instead of white, Felissa. I was thinking I could just bleach out any stain from the white, but that didn’t work out well at all. Live and learn!

  • I keep my kids pretty busy so they don’t get bored too often. We have activity centers around the house that keep them going and when that runs out they can go outside. They are both pretty creative so boredom usually isn’t a problem.

  • It sounds like you are not bored at all with the kids. lol I am sorry but the kid got stitches in the private part. I almost feel bad for him. Boys will come up with the most dangerous things but now maybe they will learn not to even attempt something like that. Youngest daughter has an awesome plan to get ice cream for them all. I am sorry this is kind of comical but I feel for you. Your oldest daughter did have a good idea but she should have used just plain regular food coloring but of course do it outside. Thanks for sharing.

  • This was a fabulous read. I HOPE my girls don’t discover kool aid for dying. Oh boy, I could imagine all the stains ALL over my house and items!

  • I hear my kids are bored almost every day. Unfortunately the weather here in Chicago is more like fall than summer so our usual fall back (our pool) has not been our fun daily escape.

    • That’s got to be rough, Lisa! Hopefully, the weather will improve, so your kids can hit the pool.

      When my oldest boys hit school age, they suddenly discovered the whole “I’m bored” thing. So, after reminding them of the giant stash of books, games, art supplies, and building sets at their disposal, not to mention the great outdoors, I filled a jar with little slips of paper & labelled it “Fun Stuff To Do When I’m Bored.” I told them that they would have to draw out a slip of paper and complete the “fun” activity listed on it every time I heard them utter the phrase “I’m bored.” On each slip of paper was a chore that no one ever wants to do. Didn’t take long before I stopped hearing “I’m bored.” I keep the jar on my kitchen counter as a reminder for my pack and their friends.

  • I am super thankful that my kids aren’t complaining of boredom yet. My oldest got a job, my middle child loves Netflix, and my youngest enjoys having big brother home to play with. 🙂

    I hope to keep my kids out of the ER.

    I hope the child that landed in the Emergency room learned their lesson.

    • I’m so glad you’re kids aren’t complaining of boredom, Christy. I’m sure that drives you up the wall, just as it does me, when that happens.

      It’s great your oldest has a job. Great life experience there! Sounds like all of your kids have found ways to stay entertained.

      I think my favorite part of summer is the extra opportunities for my kids to hang out together. Well, that, and no homework! ;o)

  • OMG! I was laughing so hard while reading this! I actually re-read it to my husband. Yeah, my kids aren’t bored either and I must be one of the lucky ones because my kids haven’t pulled any stunts like that yet. They get into trouble…but wow! A bike in a tree house!? Oh lordy!

    • I’m always happy to get to share laughs, Heather, and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this! I hope it gave your husband some giggles, also.

      I’m glad your children aren’t bored, either. But, remember, never underestimate a child’s ability to find fun (trouble) when you least expect it! ;o)

  • Gina, that was a great article! It really was so funny except for the 7 stitches (I hope he’s OK) although it might make for a great story for him someday down the road….lol

    PS We have a cool story about battling boredom called DIGGING UP ADVENTURE and an Internet Safety story where the house winds up full of smoke too called GIGABYTES OF DISASTER.

    Good Luck “Mom” your getting closer to the school year starting back again 🙂 “Tikiman” Greg

  • when i was young when im bored all i need to do is find the make_up kits of my mom and i really enjoying apply to my face so on my bored will be change of fun time

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