Are Your Children Putting a Strain on Your Marriage?

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A recent study of couples found that 90% were less happy with their marriage once they became parents.


What are the reasons for the lack of satisfaction in these marriages?

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fragmented attention
  • Strained finances
  • Disagreement over how to raise the children
  • Any or all of the above

What can couples do to reverse this trend?

Spend time together

Spend time with each other. Just the two of you…to keep the romance alive. It can be a walk in the park, a night out or just a quick lunch while the kids are in school.

Spend time alone

Spend time to remember who you are. You are not just a mom or dad or husband or wife. Go for a solitary walk; take a relaxing bubble bath when no one else is home; sign up for an adult education class that meets once a week.

Spend time touching each other

Spend time touching each other as part of sexual foreplay…as enjoyable as that may be. It is so important to reach out and express your love by holding hands, remembering to give a loving caress on head or cheek as you pass by and making eye contact…your eyes are the windows of your soul.

Paying attention to these three things will go a long way towards keeping the flame alive and the relationship fresh.

There will be an added benefit as well…children tend to model themselves after their parents. Parents who are loving and respectful with each other are great role models for their children. This positive relationship contributes to a balanced and harmonious home environment for the entire family.