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Are You a Baby Wearing or a Push Chair Parent?

I understand there is a time and a place for a push chair, I mainly use mine for dog walks if I’m trying to get my little one to sleep. One of the best reasons for having one is that your baby can continue sleeping in it so you can carry on with chores or have a lovely cup of coffee. 

baby wearing mumBut … How great would it be if you could pop to a shop, or take the dog for a walk across the field instead of somewhere with a path for the push chair?

Wouldn’t you love to go to the beach WITHOUT having to get the push chair in the car, then out of the car when you get there, wrestle to strap your baby in and then fight to collapse it when you’ve finished? If this sounds like your idea of heaven, then…

Baby wearing is your answer!


Not only is it really practical, but it is also amazing for you and your baby. Many people say it helps to develop a more confident child, but also … let’s face it, we all love a cuddle.

You can baby wear if you have a newborn and a toddler. This would save you buying a double push chair. You can baby wear at the park so you still have your hands free to help siblings. You can even breast feed while baby wearing. 

Baby wearing is more convenient for events, such as a wedding … We personally love baby wearing especially for beach walks, because no one wants a sandy push chair. 

Baby wearing can match any style!

There are so many carriers available. There’s the buckle carriers, the stretchy carriers (used for newborn’s), and woven wraps. If you’re having trouble deciding, there are local sling libraries available to help you choose the style that’s best for you.

Our personal decision was on a Tula, which is a buckle carrier. It’s easy to put on and you can use it for a front carry (very easy to do) and a back carry (difficult to do on your own, easy with someone else). I recommend doing a thorough research because there are carriers on the market that may not be very good for baby’s hips.

If you come across ergonomic carriers, you might consider the comfort it provides for your baby. They can seat your baby in a comfortable way, making them feel ALMOST weightless, even for someone like my chunky monkey! 

Now I am by no means an expert. There are some very clever mummies and daddies out there that can get their baby into a back carry on their own. I just wanted to share another with you so you don’t always have to be tied to a push chair. Do be warned though, if you do embrace the magic that is baby wearing. You may get addicted! There is nothing better than popping to the shops and walking around hands free but still having a lovely cuddle with your little one, not to mention the amount of beautiful wraps and carriers there are. My advice is to join a pre-loved baby carrier group and keep an eye out for some bargains! For all you UK mummies, this group is great – Slings and things- FSOT and advice.

Jessica Meek

Jessica is a first time mummy to her son Samuel, a wife, a keen cook and author of A Norfolk Mummy parenting blog. She feels lucky to live in the beautiful county of Norfolk in the UK just 25 minutes away from the coast where, where she and her family love to walk their dog Dolly.
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