Are There Really Benefits to Blogging?

I’ve been a blogger for nearly a decade now and I’m here to say that it’s changed my life in so many ways. Can’t understand why or how in the world anyone could earn an income doing it? Well take it from me … it has the potential to create so many opportunities for you.

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I’ve met so many bloggers over the years and each one has a different story, but those who hang on have really done quite well for themselves. I’m here to share my own experiences and the benefits of blogging.

5 Reasons You Should Really Consider Blogging

  1. It’s therapeutic
  2. Have you ever heard someone say it’s better to talk about your emotions than to have it cooped up in your head just waiting for it to explode? Well, if you don’t have a special friend to talk to about these emotions, you could consider hiring a therapist. You could also save a little cash and just write about it.

    Sometimes writing about the things that frustrate you could give you the peace you need from it. If you can’t find anyone to talk to, you might find solace in writing your thoughts down so everything comes to you more clearly and logically. According to Harvard Health Publishing, writing could ease stress and trauma.

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  3. You can find friends or people with similar interests
  4. Special relationships can be difficult to find. Blogging can help you express yourself in your deepest, most powerful voice and if you’re lucky enough, that voice could be heard by someone special enough to hear it and like hearing it.

  5. You might make a difference
  6. Sometimes your personal experiences can touch people in very positive ways. Whether it’s positivity you pass on, beautiful crafts, delicious recipes or great tips, you have potential to make someone’s day or even change someone’s life.

    Write with passion and your best is more likely to come out.

  7. Share your expertise and become an authority in your field
  8. Your mom might have learned special cooking skills from her grandmother and later passed it onto you. These skills may be something so unique that nobody’s ever heard of it. It’s what makes your dishes so amazing and delicious.

    Using your special skills to create interesting blog posts can turn you into a superstar!

  9. Make money online
  10. The traffic and interests you drive through blogging can become an asset. The blogging community generates more targeted results compared to some very expensive print and television ads, which many companies are finding to be a significant waste of money. Brands suggested by popular bloggers, on the other hand have started to become much more successful in driving the sales companies need to grow.

    Nowadays, bloggers understand how to calculate their worth and many of them have found it to be a great source of income.

How to start a blog

Are you ready to be a blogger? I’ve started a whole new blog especially for those who are very new to blogging and can’t figure out where to start. In it, I will go very slowly and keep in mind that you might not be that internet savvy. So don’t worry if you’re very new to any of this.

I’d like to mention that there’s nothing much on this blog. In fact, there’s only one post, the design isn’t great, it’s very blah … That’s because it’s going to be part of the journey I’m going to take you through. I will design it with you and go through as much of the steps as I possibly could until you start to get the hang of it! So feel free to invite your friends to follow along if they feel they’d like to get into blogging!