A loved one’s passing can leave a gaping hole in the strongest person’s heart. Grief’s scary onslaught can make it difficult to focus on the positives. So how do you put the enthusiasm and joy back in your life by celebrating your loved one’s life?

bring joy back into your life

Contribute to a Cause

Whether your loved one succumbed to illness, accident or natural causes, an appropriate organization exists in their memory. Find a foundation or association whose mission is to care for those suffering from what your loved one did, or prevent it altogether. You could even volunteer for a charity walk, run or telethon.

You can also make a donation in your loved one’s name. However, it’s important to be cautious when donating money online, by phone or by mail. The Federal Trade Commission can keep you safe in your charitable giving and the Internal Revenue Service can help you determine which charities or amounts are tax-deductible.

Reconnect With Their Loved Ones

Funeral homes can help mourners to express condolences online. Take time to read through the names of all visitors who leave condolences. Choose some people you may have forgotten or lost touch with to reconnect and maintain a closer relationship with after funeral activities subside.

Read Their Favorites

Everyone has a book they love. If their home is still intact, peruse their bookshelf. You may discover one of their favorite characters or uncover an interest you never knew they had. If their things are packed or distributed, find out what books they left behind. Gather relatives to read and discuss a title your loved one enjoyed, and link aspects of the book’s content and meaning to great memories.

Make a Commemorative CD

Music has the power to relieve stress, move us to dance and remind us of good times. Consult people on the music which defined your loved one’s life. Find out what musical artists they played repeatedly, their favorite spiritual tunes or songs played at their weddings and anniversary parties. Download those songs online and compile a tribute CD for others who miss them like you do.

Your loved one would want to see you happy and thriving. You can get your old self back and live the way he or she would have wanted you to live.