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being broody

When Your Cheeky Broody Hubby is Ready for Baby Number 2

I mean really broody – Darren wants baby number 2 NOW and I think if he had his way baby number 3 would be following soon after.

No, thank you!!!!

Enjoy the Milestones of Your Baby’s First Year

being broody

Don’t get me wrong I do want baby number 2 – just not yet. And baby number 3? I have no idea- I can’t even comprehend giving birth 3 times (I know they say it gets easier blah blah blah but still 3 times!)

At the moment I’m loving my time with Isabelle (baby number one) she has her own little personality and it’s wonderful. I love the giggles, the smiles, and the baby chatter (she says “mama” now). It makes my heart melt! Play time, swimming, baby sensory, going for walks, and for a coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) are all exciting moments I can enjoy.

Isabelle’s milestones, which include the attempts to crawl, kinda standing, and hoping for the first steps are the things that make me happy right now. So do I need another baby to make my life any happier? At the moment I don’t think so.

Enjoy the Baby-Free Times

I do enjoy my baby free time. I enjoy my afternoon tea, my time out for drinks, especially when I get to have some prosecco, which I love :). I think all those months of not being able to drink it have made me love it even more, mostly when I’m away on a spa break- jacuzzi 😍 or out for dinner and to the cinema.

So you see, if I was pregnant or had a newborn baby I know I wouldn’t be doing half of what I just mentioned or I guess I know I could do but I wouldn’t. I know this is really selfish and a totally mean mummy thing to say but I don’t want to give that up yet. I want to be able to have a hot hot bath, drink Prosecco and eat Pâté.

For now, I’m happy being a one child family, where there’s just one baby to keep happy and enough hours in the week to fit in some ME time.

Is it Another Baby or an Excuse for More of Other Things?

The husband wants another baby now but to be honest I haven’t quite decided if he actually wants another baby or is just using it as an excuse for lots of sex?! I originally told him we would wait until Isabelle turns one to start ‘trying’, then I extended it to Christmas and now I have extended it to Isabelle’s second birthday.

Although I do sometimes give the response “I have no idea when we will get pregnant again! Perhaps never!” I know that’s a really horrible thing to say and I do want to get pregnant again, but I give him this response when I have been asked so many times before. “So when shall we have baby number 2?” and I have got to the end of my tether, because I have no idea WHEN. There is part of me that knows we won’t stick to this 2 year time frame- it will happen when it happens, sooner rather than later.

I’m worried about getting pregnant again. The memories of child birth and those first few truly exhausting weeks with a newborn are still a little too raw. I need to forget a little bit more before baby number 2 is conceived.

I think if I could go back to the pregnancy, labour, childbirth and the newborn stage completely oblivious again we would be getting pregnant ASAP. There will be no worries in sight except pure love and excitement about becoming a mummy!

I do wonder whether all that I have experienced so far as a mummy, the good and the bad, have shaped into who I am now. Am I really the mummy who is strong enough to tell the world her mummy story? So perhaps I shouldn’t forget the memories but embrace them?

I will let you know if I ever do embrace them.

Sleep Time is Much Too Enjoyable

The silly thing is I don’t know if the second time round would be the same, the same birth or the same type of child. Perhaps the second baby will sleep for a few hours solid (unlike Isabelle who slept for 20 minutes then fed for 20 almost all night, every night). How amazing would that be?!?!

If your baby sleeps for long periods at a time, you should consider yourself lucky (I also hate you a little). Sleep deprivation is a killer! To be honest, I do look at those cute little newborn babies. In fact, a girl I went to school with just had a baby boy and she has been posting Instagram pictures of him. I can’t help to think of wanting another one, but then that selfish part of me also thinks, “I really like sleeping at the moment.”

What’s Not to Love About a Newborn Baby?

I do get a little broody myself (hopefully my husband will not read this blog as I will never hear the end of it). I do want that little newborn baby to cuddle. Those cute little hands and toes, a button nose and that newborn baby smell, those little yawns and windy grins, the newborn cry and the clenched fists.

family love

There’s nothing like that all encompassing feeling of LOVE, and bewilderment looking at the baby you have just given birth to and thinking “she’s mine, I made her, and she’s truly perfect.”

I’m sure at some point in the near future I will start to have that second sibling guilt. It’s the one where you start to wonder whether baby number one needs a friend. It could be great to have someone near their age to play with and socialize with, thus commencing baby number two’s imminent arrival.

Perhaps becoming a mum of two won’t be such a transition in comparison to becoming a mum for the first time? I have no idea, but one day I will write a blog and tell you all about it. Until then, I will say to my broody hubby, “if you can carry baby number two, go through labour and push it out I’m all for getting pregnant, until then stop nagging me.”

And they say it’s us women that nag?

Leanne Schultz

Leanne is a mum to Isabelle and a wife to Darren. She's a working part time, full time mummy. She has an obsession with buying her daughter books. When she found out she was pregnant, her first purchase was a bookcase for her nursery. She loves taking pictures and blogging about her little family.
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  • haha maybe he is using it as an excuse for lots of sex. This has been such a brilliant and compelling read. Getting to understand your feelings and thoughts behind it all, it sheds light on a topic i’m sure many mothers around the world can relate to. Most times those around you wont understand your decisions but this is a great way to detail your feelings and thought process that went into the decision. Good luck with everything.

  • Men don’t understand what our bodies go though when we have kids. Our bodies need to heal after giving birth.

  • He’s on your body’s time. Just let him know that! LOL! Men don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant. And you’re right…maybe baby number 2 would be opposite or they could be the same as before.

  • I don’t have any children but I think that your hubs is just not wanting to get out of practice lol maybe he sees that another baby will take 9 months….your first will be a toddler by then maybe? who knows?! Men are strange.

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