Co-Sleeping is NOT for Everyone!

Since both of the babes were little, Jared and I practiced co sleeping. If I am to be completely honest, the idea didn’t just come out of the blue. My family also participated in co sleeping until I was way to old to be sleeping in my parents bed. It all started, because it was easier to nurse Penelope. She never slept and the only way that I could get her to sleep through the night would be to keep her in our bed. As a first-time mom I couldn’t get enough of her around me. I really loved cuddling with her and sleeping with her was just one of the best parts in my mind.


When Beckham, our second child, came along the sleeping together just seemed like an easy way to keep the family together. I wanted to make sure that I was allotting time in between both children equally and co-sleeping just went with that concept.

Now that both of my babies are not babies anymore I still have a love relationship with co-sleeping. I have to be truthful though it is definitely more of a love-hate now that they are getting older and bigger! I love that I get to cuddle with them all night long, but I hate getting elbowed and kicked all night long. Penelope has the most loving way of crawling up and laying her body across your pillow before she inches closer and closer to the other side of the bed. This is right before she wraps both of her legs around your head and squeezes them just like a nutcracker. This is by far my ultimate co–sleeping move that my kids love to pull in the middle the night. Beckham is more of a lead back sleeper. The only thing he likes to do in our bed is roll around from the top to the bottom throughout the night. Sometimes I get worried that he could fall off, but we have had very very few instances of that happening. If he fell off the it’s cause he was jumping around like a monkey. Currently, I don’t even need to worry about Beckham in my bed and co-sleeping, because his thing is sleeping on the floor.

No, but seriously I really love getting to hold them and watch them as they sleep. This is something that I am sure any parent would absolutely love if they gave it a chance. Is this for everyone? No, it is definitely not for everyone. Do I regret not letting them cry it out? Yes sometimes. I wonder if crying it out would of made them less dependent, but then I think to myself they were babies. They needed to be dependent in my mind. I absolutely don’t have anything against moms who let their babies cry it out. I, in fact, admire them. They are stronger than I will ever be. I just can’t listen to a baby cry. I am a total sucker. Co-sleeping has been A journey that has required things like buying a bigger bed and learning new sleeping positions. It is difficult, but absolutely wonderful.

One day my babies will be too big to all fit in bed with me. Not only will they be too big, but they won’t want to. I am just taking advantage of the time that I have, as a mom, with them now before it’s too late and that time is gone.