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Co-Sleeping is NOT for Everyone!

Since both of the babes were little, Jared and I practiced co sleeping. If I am to be completely honest, the idea didn’t just come out of the blue. My family also participated in co sleeping until I was way to old to be sleeping in my parents bed. It all started, because it was easier to nurse Penelope. She never slept and the only way that I could get her to sleep through the night would be to keep her in our bed. As a first-time mom I couldn’t get enough of her around me. I really loved cuddling with her and sleeping with her was just one of the best parts in my mind.


When Beckham, our second child, came along the sleeping together just seemed like an easy way to keep the family together. I wanted to make sure that I was allotting time in between both children equally and co-sleeping just went with that concept.

Now that both of my babies are not babies anymore I still have a love relationship with co-sleeping. I have to be truthful though it is definitely more of a love-hate now that they are getting older and bigger! I love that I get to cuddle with them all night long, but I hate getting elbowed and kicked all night long. Penelope has the most loving way of crawling up and laying her body across your pillow before she inches closer and closer to the other side of the bed. This is right before she wraps both of her legs around your head and squeezes them just like a nutcracker. This is by far my ultimate co–sleeping move that my kids love to pull in the middle the night. Beckham is more of a lead back sleeper. The only thing he likes to do in our bed is roll around from the top to the bottom throughout the night. Sometimes I get worried that he could fall off, but we have had very very few instances of that happening. If he fell off the it’s cause he was jumping around like a monkey. Currently, I don’t even need to worry about Beckham in my bed and co-sleeping, because his thing is sleeping on the floor.

No, but seriously I really love getting to hold them and watch them as they sleep. This is something that I am sure any parent would absolutely love if they gave it a chance. Is this for everyone? No, it is definitely not for everyone. Do I regret not letting them cry it out? Yes sometimes. I wonder if crying it out would of made them less dependent, but then I think to myself they were babies. They needed to be dependent in my mind. I absolutely don’t have anything against moms who let their babies cry it out. I, in fact, admire them. They are stronger than I will ever be. I just can’t listen to a baby cry. I am a total sucker. Co-sleeping has been A journey that has required things like buying a bigger bed and learning new sleeping positions. It is difficult, but absolutely wonderful.

One day my babies will be too big to all fit in bed with me. Not only will they be too big, but they won’t want to. I am just taking advantage of the time that I have, as a mom, with them now before it’s too late and that time is gone.



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  • We also co-slept with our twins when they were babies… It made it easier to nurse and comfort them at night;especially because they woke up at different times. We found ourselves constantly running into the nursery. I know some look askew at it but, it is a loving practice in other parts of the world.

  • I’m an unintentional co-sleeper with my youngest. We keep trying to get her in her own bed but she is resistant. It wouldn’t be so bad if we had a King bed, but we have a Queen. I don’t know how you do it.

  • Co-sleeping wasn’t for me. I did have the crib by my bed, but I needed my sleep to be able to function during the day. I got my snuggles before they felt asleep then I put them in their crib & when they woke up. I did co-sleep when my boys were sick.

  • I always wanted to co sleep with my children but I get too stressed. When they were babies I would wake up startled thinking i slept on them. As they grew older, I found I never slept when they were in bed because I still had that worry!

  • I co-sleeped with my son. Now he’s nine and he has his own room and bed. But still sometimes he wants to sleep with me. Because he says he wants to be close to me. It’s so sweet and special. And I know he won’t want to do it for long.

  • My first thought is, you do what you gotta do to raise healthy kids. I love my sleep and if I don’t get my sleep the whole family has a bad day, so with that, my children learned very early to sleep on their own and momma is much much happier.

  • We can co sleep with our daughter who is 4 still sometimes when she walks in to our bedroom during the night. It is cozy, but we do not sleep as good and that includes her too. We all sleep better in our own beds:)

  • I co-sleep on the baby with occasion. Though one of the doctors at our pediatricians office said “well, when are you ever going to put her down?!” like I would never get a single thing done if I napped holding her, or slept with her for a few hours on my chest at night.

    She’s 11 weeks old and gets a 6.5-8hr stretch at night in her own bassinet, but at times right after that early morning feeding I’ll just let her sleep on me until it’s time for my alarm to go off.
    I did that with all of the kids, though I regretfully attempted cry it out with my DS, who was just not much of a sleeper for the first 3 years of his life.

  • I know exactly what you are going through. I enjoy co-sleeping with my son but I don’t get a good night’s sleep because whenever he moves around it wakes me up and is hard to go back to sleep.

  • That definitely works for some people, but to be honest, i am not a fan of it. To me they become too dependent on sleeping with you then on their own.. I like my sleeping space, so that is also a factor.

  • I did a mix — because my daughter nursed longer she co-sleep with us longer my Son was another story…now that they are older we have “sleep-out” nights my daughter and I camp out in her room and my hubby and Son get our bed– I agree 100% to enjoy every moment because it goes by TOOOO FAST!

  • We also started cosleeping because it was so much easier when nursing. My little guy is 2 now, and it still just makes sense. I agree it is not for everyone. With my little guy being 2, he is huge and flops all over the place. My husband works 3rd shift so it is just me and my son, and when hubby gets home, we get up for the day. But on hubby’s day off, it is difficult for Baby C to give up room for Papa lol.

  • Not me, my littlest guy is 3 months old and loving his crib. I don’t get any good sleep when the kids climb in (like last night’s bad dream) and we have a KING! I just can’t rest well, but I do love the occasional snuggle!

  • My husband and I co-slept with all four of our children including the twins. As a nursing mother it was GREAT! As you said, it is not good for everyone, but it was good for all of us.

  • My daughter slept with me when she was very young and then she got a bit to wild in the bed and I was loosing sleep. She then went to her own bed and was allowed to sleep with me on special occasions. She always slept with me when she was ill. She is 22 and will still nap in my bed when she is not feeling well. I think there is a comfort thing there. We all have to do what is right for our families.

  • We co-sleep! With my first 3 I only did a little because I was young and everyone told me not to, and I listened. (If I could only go back and do it all over again!) With my last two – we co-slept all the way! My 4 year old slept with us until she was 8 months old and she was rolling around at night beating us up… so we transitioned her into her crib – but in our room. She was the BEST sleeper. She loved sleeping with us in the same room. She has her own room – but she has an extra toddler bed that is in our room and she still wants to sleep there rather than her room. That’s fine with me. My with my 19 month old – we’re still co-sleeping strong… but we’re still breastfeeding too, so that’s probably why. When he weans, we’ll probably try him in the crib (in our room). We’ll see. It works for us. We’re all happy!

  • I come from a very stand-offish upbringing so co-sleeping and breastfeeding was just uncommon. I have one aunt that would allow her daughter to sleep with her sometimes but that was it in my entire big family. I’ve decided to do things way differently. As humans, I think it’s normal for people and things to get on our nerves. I can’t imagine 24/7 never ever feeling annoyed by my babies. I co-sleep with my son and will with my new baby too. Definitely don’t wish I would have let him cry it out. But that’s just me 🙂

  • i was NOT going to co sleep. and then one night i fell asleep while nursing and we woke up FOUR HOURS later. up until then he’d slept no more than 90 min at a time.

    and that’s the way we started cosleeping 😉

  • We cosleep now, and i totally hear you on the love/hate thing. It’s tough sometimes and definitely has those moments where I want to go sleep in the bathtub just to be ALONE, but 99% of the time, I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever regret it, because these days are short.

  • I co-slept with my two youngest, including my toddler right now. I had no issues with it and I found that it was so much easier for me as well since I breastfed. I breastfed until she was 13 months old. You’re right it’s not for everyone but I loved it!

  • When my children were babies, they occasionally slept with me. My granddaughter was with me the first four years of her life and it was a nightly thing to go to bed with granny!

  • I didn’t co-sleep with any of my babies for the most part. Of course, there were a few occasions that I did bring them to the my bed because it was easier. My youngest would sleep through half the night and he would wake up to nurse. Then instead of fighting with him about going to sleep in the crib, I would just sleep with him on the couch. It was easier because I was working and I needed my sleep to function at work. My husband wasn’t a fan of co-sleeping and I was ok with that.

  • I slept with my parents till I was around 7 or 8 and my daughters all slept with us (me & Tim) till they started school, ok often they would go to sleep in our bed and Tim would carry them into their own bed after they went to sleep. I have never seen a problem with it, but some people do and I don’t get why.