Cut Expenses, Save Money and Still Have a Great Christmas


Many people have mastered the art of saving money during the holidays. Believe it or not, it CAN be done! The first step in creating a wonderful Christmas without going into debt requires mindful re-evaluation. Culture and traditions can be changed to get this to work.

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How to Be Financially Careful During the Holidays

Here are some helpful tips to have a wonderfully memorable holiday season without going into debt:

Refrain from using credit cards

This is where people get into trouble the quickest. There are plenty of sale prices for products around the holidays, but having interest on your credit card really doesn’t save you what you intend.

Make a list just like you would for Santa

Check it twice, and don’t buy on the spur of the moment. Procrastination always gets people in trouble, because stores know that last minute shoppers will pay anything to get that gift they missed!

Handmade gifts come from the heart and are usually appreciated more

Use materials on hand or purchase inexpensive supplies to create personalized gifts. Sometimes personalized, beautifully wrapped gifts are the best!

Christmas expenses

Limit the number of gifts given

Parents tend to overdo it when giving gifts to children. One or two well thought-out gifts can bring more joy than several meaningless gifts.

Talk to family and friends

Discuss the need to cut expenses. Set low expectations for your family so they aren’t too disappointed when they don’t get those extremely high priced items they probably wanted more than anything!

Consider giving Christmas ecards instead of buying and mailing regular Christmas cards

There are plenty of sites that offer free ecards. Christmas cards are meant to tell the recipient that you’re thinking of them during the holidays. So why not make use of modern technology and use ecards instead of spending $2 to $5 per card.

Write a letter to Santa

If Santa gives gifts in the kid’s stockings and under the tree, consider talking to the kids and suggesting that they write a letter to Santa asking for just a small gift in their stockings. This would help Santa reach more kids in need.

Have a pot luck dinner

Having a pot luck dinner with neighbors and friends can give everyone an opportunity to get together and celebrate the season without a big expense. You don’t need to overdo it by trying to put an a whole party yourself. Sometimes guests love the idea of bringing some food to a holiday party. So let them!

Warm the heart

A candy cane with a bow and note of appreciation will warm anyone’s heart.